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10 Important Android App Development Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Android App Development tips: While you are about to build your career as a developer, better to say an Android developer, there are some essential things you should always bear in mind whether you want to improve and increase your chances of success. It does not matter whether you want to make your own Android development project or like to work for a recognized organization.

There are some important facets to be aware of while designing or developing an android application. Discussing all of this along with other specialized persons in this Android domain, we have gathered total ten tips and tricks for latest Android app developers that cannot be ignored when it comes to android application development.

Android App Development tips and tweaks


1. Identifying and knowing the latest trends – This is an essential thing because that is the reason you will know what normal users look for and about the features of an Android application these days. As technology advances, you need to properly contemplate all such things and options and need to be aware of some winning ideas for app development.

2. Never ignore or underestimate design – Your application must influence the users first. Therefore, your design is important and you should not ignore it. If you see on Google play, you will come to know how to stand out and build a product as attracting as possible.

Android App Development Tips
3. Try to participate in communities – Communities can help you better to understand the latest trends of Android applications and development. If you are connecting with different communicates of app developers, they will surely make you understand things and expand your skills as well. Whatever and whenever possible or you face any doubt, you may have about Android application development, you can be sure somebody has an answer for it.

4. List to your users first and rely on your ideas – Whatsoever the ideas you have to rely on that and try to implement those ideas properly because you even do not know how your ideas will create new things. You should not rely on other things rather than relying on your own ideas and your users, who are most important than other things.

5. Be your own critic, not others – Do not criticize other works, better you criticize your work so that your standard of work can improve day by day. As an android app developer, you need to critic your work, find out the fault you made and go ahead to improve on your next project. The thing you should keep in mind and you should not ignore it in any situation.

6. Build a strong portfolio and test only easy solutions – Test only easy solution, though something is there that are not easy to solve and that thing only possible when you come to know which is the best and easiest things and use them accordingly. You should build a strong portfolio that helps your clients understand your skills and previous works.

7. Study and understand the current Android market – Understanding the current android market is one of the most important things for all android app developers. As an Android developer if you do not know the present market condition, then it would be difficult for you to know the trends and according to that hard to meet the clients’ demand. It is true that Android has consistently more users compared to other operating systems. Therefore, the trend is also changing day by day and the premium model and free downloading varies and need to know the latest trends.

8. Study your competition and test sometimes if you can – If you wish to obtain revenues for your own application idea, you should know about applications that have already released to the present market. Learn from them: they will help you know many things about Android and its features. Their unique features, programmable things, or business models will help you a lot. This could assist you to understand the price of your application or to make you think if you should work on it.

9. Try to find out your passion – If you want to be a veteran developer, then you should make it your passion. Without passion or loving the application it is hard to know or getting a better understanding of the Android application.

10. Do not give up so easily and quickly and think big – You need to have to do or complete the thing without any error attitude. There is something and sometimes that can give you difficulties while developing the apps, but do not give them up easily and quickly without coming up a conclusion.
Attaining the success of a new Android application developer can be a daunting task, but it is possible. All the success stories that are out there took time, patience and practice. If you have all the three, then you would be successful as an android app developer.

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