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The Most Useful Tools for Android Auto Head Unit

While increasingly motors are beginning to be ready with Android Auto functionality straight out of the container, the reality is that most cars in recent times still do now not have those devices mounted. Luckily for you, the solution is easy. Android Auto Head Units are on the market and there are as a lot of those gadgets as you can hope to find. The variety may be overwhelming, so let us manual you via the first-rate alternatives available on the market.

Android Auto Head Unit Useful tools

With that stated, permits take a look at the first Android Auto entry on our listing:

Sony XAV-AX100

If all you need are simple voice commands, GPS manage and compatibility with the maximum primary apps and not anything else, we notably advocate considering the Sony XAV-AX100. It’s very fairly priced and receives the most basic jobs executed.

This is one of the few gadgets made by Sony that you’ll ever find that acts as an Android Auto tool. It’s also one of the slickest and most aesthetically properly designed head units on our list so this tool will have more points in your ebook if fashion is your sport. The display screen is 6.4 inches that are smaller than common however Android Auto head gadgets are usually pretty small monitors in the first place so perhaps this even trouble you.

The XAV-AX100 is also cheaper than a few of the other devices on our list which may be attributed to its simplistic design.

Kenwood DDX9703S In-Dash Touchscreen Receiver

Kenwood is one of the bestselling logo names in Android Auto head units. The DDX9703S is perhaps their bestselling version and it gives a number of what people are looking for in those styles of gadgets. Bigger than Sony’s head unit, this display is nearly 7 inches that’s a considerable increase in size. Despite all this, Kenwood nonetheless controlled to consist of buttons below the display alongside a thin row.

They’re no longer too small and are particularly separated from one another, making it not likely that you’ll ever hit the wrong one.

This Kenwood sports many extra capabilities so one can make sure to fulfill the client who has many other auxiliary devices they’d like to connect. Bluetooth capability is covered directly out of the field so that you can wirelessly connect any documents from your Android smartphone which include your track or podcast library.

Satellite radio offerings also are well matched with the DDX9703S but you may want to have already got a paid subscription to a provider along with SiriusXM. Having or no longer having satellite radio ought to very well be a make it or break it element with regards to picking this version.


This is every other very sleek Android Auto head unit with a shiny and skinny black framing and a nicely lit, nicely colored screen. The display measures 6.8 inches and has a resolution of 800 by using 480 pixels, making it slightly greater described than other models on this list. Similarly to the Sony version, this one is typically priced at more less expensive charges.

The audio of the KW-M730BT is superior to other head devices. It fulfills the most choosy and unique of audiophiles however it’s going to make voices over the radio sound more audible than your average integrated car speakers.

Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Multimedia Receiver

There are many different Pioneer Android Auto head units, however, ultimately we selected this one as it sticks out the most and without a doubt has the most to provide. It’s steeply-priced but this is truly an instance wherein you get what you pay for.

Probably the maximum high priced unit on our list, this is a model that must handiest be bought for a person who is sincerely searching out something that is bursting with as many functions as feasible. This Android Auto comes with 16gb of storage. That appears like overkill but wait till you find out what’s absolutely pre-loaded onto this machine.


This listing of pinnacle Android Auto head gadgets was beneficial in identifying the special forms of gear and capabilities numerous head devices contain. Brands like JVC and Sony don’t have too many fashions accessible but deliver their expertise from special products if you want to create an extra tailored experience to people who don’t want to spend loads of cash.

Companies like Pioneer and Kenwood make numerous unique models, all in specific fee tiers for special sorts of customers and drivers.

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