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How To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

xxDo you feel sometimes that your phone is not giving a good perfomance? Is it becoming slower? Well, if you are having it then you are not alone, there are millions of users who are having slow android speed thereby leading to bad performance of it.

So here I am with some tips on how to make Android Phone Run Faster then before! So follow up the tips and tricks and boost up your android mobile.

The Tips To Make Android Phone Run Faster:

  • Turn off live wallpaper
  • Remove unused widgets
  • Move apps to the SD card
  • Factory reset
  • Make sure you’re up to date
  • Uninstall and disable apps which you don’t use rarely
  • Use An Trusted Antivirus

Turn off live wallpaper:

Many of you are having live wallpaper on their Android phones. Lave wallpapers are those which are having animation type images. They can make your phone display look attractive, but also can slow down the performance of your phone. It requires a lot of power. So turn off live wallpaper by which you will be able to make your phone run faster..

Remove unused widgets:

You you want to to avoid performance delays on your Android then strictly remove some widgets, if you have many. They takes up a lot of space in the phone which can be a major cause of hanging and other delay factors..


Move apps to the SD card

You need sufficient amounts of free memory to make sure your phone does not hangs. By moving apps to SD card, you can free up some space. That is one of the major factor for the delay in performance in the androids and also make Android Run Faster than before..

Factory reset

Factory Reset! By this you completely format your phone. if your phone doesn’t responds properly, even if you install proper antivirus and all then you need to factory reset your data. So that your phone will work as like it was before when you first bought it.

Make sure you’re up to date

If your sytem is not Up to date then it may lag, and you may face some other consequenses. The latest software version will often contain bug fixes and general improvements and it can help your Android device to run better. So, stay up to date. Go to Settings > About device > Software update and check for updates. 😀

Uninstall and disable apps which you don’t use rarely:


You don’t want to keep those apps that you don’t use on your device then go to Settings > Apps and swipe over to the All tab. Have a look over there, down the list and identify the apps you don’t want or need. If you dont want those all then Uninstall it or Force Stop!

Use An Trusted Antivirus:

The slow speed of your android phone may be due to viruses also, which may affect your system. So, to prevent it from virused use some antivirus programs. Some Reputed ones such as – kaspersky mobile, Quick heal mobile security etc..  If you want the best free android antivirus then go here and download it. Its totally free and makes you ultra secure! 😀 Read this guide to know and install the best antivirus software of the year: Best Android Antivirus Software Till Today. Or if you want the Avast Antivirus Pro For your android device then click here.

These are the ways to make Android phone Run Faster. Hope it helps. Your Comments are most welcome.

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