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Best Android Strategy Games You Must Never Miss!

Best Android Strategy Games – Games are a form of the media that we can make a means to entertain ourselves in our spare time and when we are bored. These needs spur gamers to get a game that is always new and fun in faithful their daily activities. Game lovers usually have their own passion for a game. They will tend to choose the game with the genre that they like.

Best Android strategy games
Here, a ‘strategy’ is a genre of a game that demands our shrewdness or skill in managing strategy. Whether it’s a strategy in battle or any strategy to defend itself and win every game or round there. For those of you who are looking for the Best Android Strategy Games recommendations, here I summarized some of my favorite games of that genre which you can make a reference with. So, here are #13 Best Android Strategy Games which you must play. Check them out.

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Best Android Strategy Games 2017


CLASH OF CLANS (Free Strategy Game)

Actually, this game consists of several genres of strategy games, simulation, and defense. But many categorize this game in the category of strategy games. In fact, this game is tagged as the best android strategy game in many of the top rated gaming sites.

In a Clash Of Clans game, you do not just build a building or a building only but you are required to build a solid defense and complete troops for the village you have created. You are also required to build a sophisticated arsenal that you can use in fighting against invaders who want to control your village or your empire like building a cannon, defensive walls, build towers and recruit some troops.

In this game, there are various kinds of troops namely Barbarian, Archer, goblin, and dragon. They all have their own types of response!

ctive duties. Barbarian is an attacking troop with a hammer weapon while archers are archers and others. So, in essence, it’s not how much village or kingdom you make but how strong the village or royal defense you make.

There are two modes in this game play single mode and multiplayer mode. In single mode, you can fight the goblin nation or from level one to the next level so we can not choose which nation we will attack. While the multiplayer mode you can choose which village you want to attack the stronger your village then automatically the machine will choose your enemy random. You can also do this game online and share with other COC account owner. You can download this game from here:

google play

ANOMALY 2 (Paid Strategy Game – $4.99) 

Anomaly 2 is a sequel game of its predecessor an anomaly 1 and anomalous Korea. In this game, you will act as the holder of the vehicle that you must guide through a map to survive the war. There are power ups that you can use to strengthen your vehicle which you should get by buying with an available currency. You can get the currency by destroying the enemy’s weapon in front of you.

In Anomaly 2 it turns out you can choose to be a machine (tower) or as a human who runs a vehicle, which of course has different defense capabilities between towers and humans. If you as a tower then your clan should equip your men with a variety of deadly weapons that can paralyze your enemy, while as a human you must have a solid defense to fend off the attack from your opponent the tower. This game can be downloaded at the price of $4.99 – on the Google Play Store.

google play


This game is a space-themed game, where you are required to build diplomatic relations with alien extraterrestrial species throughout the universe. But unknown foreign powers begin to eradicate the other space colonies one by one and almost near the last stronghold of the earth where we live. Here you will play as a commander of a space war fleet that will protect the Earth from invading foreign colonies in outer space.

In the fleet, you lead there are several crews that includes scientists, pilots, and marines. Every crew I have mentioned has their own values and jurisdiction. Engineers are in charge of building and upgrading the battle stations that produce the battle rides as you wish. Pilots as human fighters and defense towers as well as marines as attackers in charge of taking over the battle rides from other foreign colonies. By using the existing pawn you can upgrade your fleet crew to be stronger and invincible so you can still protect the earth where you live. This game is available free for the first episode up to fifty, but to proceed to the next episode you are required to make a purchase.google play

BOOM BEACH (Free Strategy Game)

boom beachBoom Beach is a supercell output game that is almost similar to its predecessor the COC. It’s one of the best Android strategy games I’ve played on 2107. The game begins with a simple island that has the goal to free the native islanders from enslavement that ensnare them. Here you are assigned to build and upgrade the ship and do battle with other islands and land your troops there and take over the island

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You are required to upgrade the crew in your ship with sophisticated weaponry and strong defense. Just like COC games, you can make battle options randomly. You can also make money when you win the battle. The bottom line is the building, fundamentals, upgrades, and resources that you need to improve so you become the best and the strongest. this game is available free on the play store android device you have.

google play

EUFLORIA HD (Paid strategy game – $4)

Eufloria HDEufloria HD is a space-themed strategy game about growing trees, growing seeds, exploring space and exploring empty asteroids. This game also comes with Best Android strategy games due to its amazing gameplay. There are three units of seed that you can plant that is fast, strong and energetic that each has a different function.

These seeds will be sent into space for us to plant as weapons to attack the nearest asteroid, as well as to kill the native species and replace them with Dyson trees (barracks) that will produce new seedlings that we can use for more weapons.

These seeds will be sent into space for us to plant as weapons to attack the nearest asteroid, as well as to kill the native species and replace them with Dyson trees (barracks) that will produce new seedlings that we can use for more weapons.

These seeds will be sent into space for us to plant as weapons to attack the nearest asteroid, as well as to kill the native species and replace them with Dyson trees (barracks) that will produce new seedlings that we can use for more weapons.

Dyson trees that are older or older will be difficult to remove from the younger Dyson tree. so the older the age of Dyson then our defense will be stronger. This game is available at a price of $4.66 on Play Store. This game has a demo version too which can be downloaded from play store for free!

google play

FROZEN SYNAPSE (Paid Android Game – $4)

FROZEN-SYNAPSEThis game is a turn-based game that displays a very clear and tactical focus when you are facing one on one with your opponent. It feels like you play chess with the strategy of how you win the game but you set it with your weapon that is a rifle. Your task here is to build a unit that each unit has a special type of weapon that has a different speed of movement.

By playing this game you are required to have careful planning, smart tactics and the ability to anticipate the opponents who attacked your unit. There is a very thrilling multiplayer game every day you can choose the opponent you want to attack. This game seems to bring you to the real war.

This game you can get for the price of $4, – through the existing play store APP on your android device you have.

google play

GREAT LITTLE WAR Game 1 and 2 (Paid Strategy Game – $1.32)

Great Little War Game 1 and 2 is a turn-based strategy game that makes you the commander of several war units located on a battleground. In this game you will drive the combat unit you are leading to attack and position yourself strategically in a war zone that has a 3D kontu.

In the next level, you will be given a barack that you can make a headquarters that allows you to upgrade your unit and troops as well You can purchase units through resources cash. Units that you can buy are infantry units (sniper, grunt, bazooka, armored vehicles or tanks, missile launcher and so on). Your main mission in this game is
wipe out the leader or generals of your opponent and destroy the base or barack of your enemies in which there are 60 levels you must win. You can download the part 1 of the game by clicking the button below:

google play

KINGDOM RUSH FRONTIERS (Paid Strategy Game – $2)

To play this game first you will be provided with a number of coins that you can make the initial capital to build a tower at a point that has been determined on the map or map. When you succeed in raising or killing monsters then you will get a coin Tama Bahan. The coins you generate can be used to build a new tower or upgrade the tower you created earlier. So if you want your coins a lot then you should often fight with your enemy.

There are many stages available in this game. To win a stage then you must be able to defend the gate you have from wave attack after the wave of the enemy coming. At each stage, you will get 20 HP. When there are enemies who managed to penetrate the gates of your palace than the HP you have also will also decrease. So the fewer enemies that come in the greater your chances of winning this game. The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $2.

google play


OUT THERE (Paid Strategy Game – $4.3)

Out There is a very famous game and won many awards and liked by many people. This is evidenced by the sale of this game which reaches 250,000 downloads worldwide. This game is a space-based game that puts you as a player acting as an astronaut who has lost an unknown portion of the plane where something is missing. You have to travel from one star to another and collect fuel, oxygen and mineral supply in order to survive in outer space.

The ultimate goal is to find and achieve a more promising system to uncover the secrets of the fate of mankind and the universe. This game can you download at a price of $4.30 – from Play Store.

 google play

PLAGUE Inc (Free Android Strategy Game)

PLAGUE IncPlague Inc. has a strong bond with its name, it means this game is sure about the various viruses as well as the illness and death it causes.

In this game, you are assigned to create a virus that can infect a country and then you must be able to manipulate the infectivity and change the severity and shut down.

When a lot of people are infected then you will get more DNA points and you need a strategy to choose what you should upgrade to maximize the spread of the virus that you create. This game is available for free on play store.

google play


PLANTS AND ZOMBIE 2 (Free Android Strategy Game

In this game, you are required to defend the home from the coming zombie attack. How to maintain it is by planting plants that can produce ammunition that can defeat zombie zombies that appear. Most of us tag this game as one of best android strategy games. There’s hardly any Android gamer who do not know about this amazing game!

Well, plants and Zombies are divided into three worlds with different themes, from the ancient theme to the theme of the cowboy. Every world there are 20 levels you have to finish. If you have not successfully completed level per level then you can not advance to the next to open a new world.

There are several gates you have to open by using a key. You can get the key by completing the existing stage but the chances of getting the keys are very small so you usually have to repeat the existing stage.

In one world there are usually four gates that you have to open with a key and each gate requires four to six keys to open so you imagine how many keys you have to collect. You can get this awesome strategy from Google Play store for completely free!

google play

RYMDKAPSEL (Paid Android Game – $3.84)

RYMDKAPSELRymdkapsel is a basic building-themed game. As a player, you will be stranded into space surrounded by mysterious foreign monoliths. Your job as the commander or manager of the space district where you should be able to assign your crew to expand the space station with as much reach as possible.

Your job as the commander or manager of the space district where you should be able to assign your crew to expand the space station with as much reach as possible.

The crew you have engineers, builders, and researchers who have their respective duties in the field. This game is not a free one. You can download this best android strategy game for $3.84. Click on the button below to download:

google play

SKULLS OF THE SHOGUN (Paid Android Strategy Game – $5 )

Best Android strategy gamesIn this game, you will join samurai warriors, monks, and samurai generals to travel on a mission to catch Skulls from Shogun.

This game is a classic strategy game that is simple but very exciting when in play and very easy to access so even though you are not an expert in the strategy you will still be able to play this game.

This game is set at a price of $5 at play store. You can click on the below button to download the game. google play



These are some of the Best Android strategy games you never miss. Did I miss your favorite game?

Or want me to add any other game?

Just drop a comment below and I’ll come soon with your response.

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