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Block The Ads From Your Android Phone

In my previous post I wrote about how to change the color of your folders. Here, today I will teach you how to Block Ads From Your Android Phone which seems really very annoying for me! 🙁 I really feel angry when they appears while i am playing games, browsing etc. So, here is the way by which I came out of the problem. Read the story below. 😀 I am gonna do it by AdBlock.

What Exactly Is AdBlock?

Its a free android app which helps you to remove the annoying advertisements from your android phone. This app works in both rooted and unrooted android apps. And most importantly, its free of cost! 😀 You can get it from play store too or from the links I provided here.

One more question! How does this App works?


Check the image above properly. It enables us to get the contents from the website we are browsing and on the other hand blocks the annoying Ads. So, that’s all..

How To Block Ads From Your Android Phone?

Follow the below procedures to Block Ads From Your Android Phone forever :

1) Download the AdBlock App from below:


2) Install It In your device.

3) After Installation Select these two options as shown below.


4) You are done!

Well, there are many types of APPS which enables you to remove ads from your phone. But in my opinon AdBlock is the best one! So, this is the best way I guess to, Block Ads From Your Android Phone.

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