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Make Your Android Phone – A Super Spy

Do you know who James Bond is? Yes, I guess. He has his own spy gadgets. But do you have any? ūüėÄ If not then don’t worry. Your smartphone is enough to SPY out. You can transform your Android Device to a spy app. Download android spy app from here. And that too for fee. Want to know how? Then just keep reading…..

I am gonna teach you two SPY methods. One for Spying VIDEO of the screen¬†and the other for¬†moniter/spy on your own gadget. Download android spy app’s from below..

Download Android Spy App – 2 Best Tricks

SPY 1# :

This is one of the best android spy cam apps. You can spy someone from this app. You will be able to watch his video and also listen to his voice.

1) Install IP Webcam app on your android phone from Play Store Link or from the Mediafire Link.

2) Open the app.. You will see a window like the below.

ip webcam home

3) Then scroll down. You will find a button saying “Start Server

 start server

4) Click on it.

5) Now, your mobile camera will start on and¬†you’ll be able to see the¬†IP address on your phone screen¬†(See the mobile screenshot below.)¬†server started and brodcasting

 This photo is of the app IP Webcam in my mobile!

5) As you can see the link above in the photo which says :¬†copy yours link from your IP Webcam and paste it in¬†a¬†browser. (Paste it in your PC’s browser to watch the spy from your PC.)

# Note : The above link is of my IP Webcam. It won’t work on you, if you paste it in the browser. So, generate yours..

6) Now, after pasting that URL in your browser press ENTER. You will see the screen like this –

IP webcam web interface

 7) So, click on the BROWSER button in your PC.  Yeeah..will now see the live visuals from your phone camera.

IP webcam on web visuals

Image: My Computer Screen. VIA SnippingTool 

Tip: If you want hear the audio, click on “HTML 5 Wav” button.

I want you to do the trick practically. Its easy to do it practically rather than just reading and getting confused. Its very easy to perform it.

SPY 2#

Monitor Your Phone:

Well, This is an app by which you can spy your own or others phone’s activity log. This will help you to get the logs. The name of the app is Who Checks My Phone. Download android spy app from below.¬†Let’s start how to do it..

The Steps:

1) Download and install Who Checks My Phone app on your device from Play Store Link or MediaFire Link.

2) After downloading open that app. You will see something like this –

Who Checks My Phone

3) Enter a passcode, and then confirm it.

4) Later you will see another window like this-

Who Checks My Phone enter email

5)¬†¬†Enter your email address and then¬†press the “OK” button.

6) Tap on “Log Apps” button to start logging the phone’s activities. It will log the keystrokes too.

Who Checks My Phone logs

If you want to take the¬†photo of a person who opens your phone, tap on the “Take Picture” button. And it is done! It is not gonna work as a keylogger.¬†It only¬†log app activities.

Whenever you want to see for the logs, open that application and then enter the passcode. In the main menu, tap on “View log” button. You’ll get all the logs there..You can also lock the other apps via this app.

Hope it helps. Comment below if you are facing any problems. We will reply to it as soon as possible.

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