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Download Happy Chick APK – Play Classic Games On Your Android

If you ever have used PPSSPP for Android to emulate PSP games in your phone, you might have followed a series of steps and procedures to finally get the PSP game going in your phone. Happy Chick is something similar but something more simplified and diversified. I am not only talking about PSP but all the classic gaming devices.

Happy Chick is capable of restoring your past childhood games on your phone. A sort of renaissance and nostalgia for you!
You name Playstation 1, 2, 3, Nintendo DS, Gameboy or any other console, you are going to get its features and gameplay directly in your phone by downloading Happy Chick.
Mortal Kombat, Dungeons and Dragons, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario, Roadrash..you name it and you simply get it.

Download Happy Chick APK

I got the chance to download Happy Chick on my phone and experience the retro nature of the application! Trust me I was amazed by the versatility of the application. Mind the fact that the application does not come with any built-in games. The emulator is just built-in whose working will be obviously hidden. It means the games are uploaded by the users themselves.

Since the application is already popular, you are going to get a variety of applications and games across different platforms.

There’s a reason why the creator of this application does not upload the game files themselves. It would be a copyright violation. So, in order to avoid such norms, the users themselves upload the files so it stays safe and legal. Most importantly, you get to enjoy the free service of the application without any violation of rules and regulations.

Download Happy Chick For Android

Click on the button below to get happy chick emulator on your Android device.

There might be a small little issue after you download Happy Chick for the first time. The user interface language of the application might be different. It may be Chinese. Thumbs up if you are well versed with the language! If not direct yourself to the Manage section which is in the bottom section, then settings. Under Settings, you will spot the language option and then you have the freedom to select the language you are most comfortable with.

Usually, in Emulators, you do not get the freedom to change the file location of the downloaded ISO. But here you can and you will find the option under the settings tab.

Is Happy Chick APK Difficult to use?

Remember the fact that Happy Chick could be a little confusing at first. The different languages at the start page might bamboozle you. Do not worry as you just need to change the language and then you need to select the platform that you would like to explore.

I always wanted to explore the Nintendo DS and PSP as these devices were like the building blocks of my childhood. After you select a platform, you are on the desired emulator page. Simply tap on “get” and the file will be downloaded locally. After the installation process is complete and you see that the file isn’t working anymore you could upload a file with the community which works.

The best part is once you are in the game, you still will have a lot of diversity. You can return to the home menu of the game and you are going to get various options for recording a game, making fine adjustments to the virtual buttons placed on the screen for your own comfort!

If you download Happy Chick, you realize the fact that it isn’t only an emulator but a community. Yes, that’s right! It somehow resembles the features on Steam or Origin platform gaming. If you go to the play tab and go into the fight submenu you are going to get the list of various players playing different games across different platforms. You can connect with them, chat with them, create groups or even maybe challenge for a showdown! How cool is that? It is like the Steam platform in a retro style!

The best part of this emulator is that if you are still one of those nerds who carry those devices just to keep the memories of the past fresh, you need not do that anymore. You just have to download Happy Chick and you are good to go, Obviously, you do not get the versatility of the physical buttons but you always get the virtual ones which are just as effective as the physical buttons.

Keeping all these points into account, I must say the Happy Chick is the most versatile and diversified emulator available right now. If you want to get hold of it you got to download Happy Chick and relive your childhood again. The old art and spirit will be rejuvenated. I have used many emulators across different platforms. Trust me, as an app reviewer, this is the best emulator one can get hold of right now. It’s easy to use, has a friendly user interface and everything is absolutely free. You just got to download Happy Chick and see the difference it makes in your lives!

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