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Apk Edit – Edit Your Android Apps

Hello folks, Today in this post i am going to post the method on how to Edit Your Android Apps for free in a very easy way. In my previous post I wrote about How To Lock computer with pattern.  Before we start on the trick, let us first know something about this matter..

Why You Need To Edit Android APPS?

Well, to answer this I am gonna list the following two reasons –

  • To Set a preferred icon to the APP.
  • To change the app  name
  • make changes to the string names
  • And lastly adding/removing some info’s of the app. apk_editor_pr

Methods to Edit Your Android Apps:

As I mentioned in the first post of this blog that I am gonna publish the things which I had experienced yet, so I am giving these two methods only. The methods are, by using-

  • APK Edit Software (.exe)
  • APK Editor (.apk)

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NOTE: This method will not work if you don’t have java installed in your PC. In some of the computers java is pre-installed and in some, it is not. You can download JAVA to your system from here. 😀

APK Edit Software enables you to Edit Your Android Apps from your PC. The file is around 3.3MB. You can get it from here. Let me tell you about this in a detailed way. C’mon..:D


Steps to Edit Your Android Apps by APK Edit Software:

1) Download the APK Edit Software.

2) Unzip the zip file and extract its contents.

3) Click on “APK Edit.exe”

4) It will ask you to choose Java Executable from “Program Files” folder. Choose any!


5) After it is done, that software will ask you to choose the android apk file you wanna edit. Browse that apk.

6) Click on browse and then a folder structure will be opened.

7) So now! you can make small changes like string name change, image change, app name change & save the file to reflect the changes in apk file.


To change icon or images :- Replace existing images with new images.
To make string changes :- find strings.xml file in res and change the string’s values.

To make app name, package name changes :- Change the android manifest file.

8) After making all the changes, save the file and close the folder structure. Later check your newly modified app. 😀


This is the most easiest and efficient one. I edited 40+ apps by this. The above method is a little complicated. It needs PC to get the APKs edited/modified. But here, you need not have to use PC. A smartphone is enough for it! 😀  There’s nothing much to describe about this trick. You will manage on  just telling you the name of the APP which edits the other apps.  Cool.. Eh?


 So the name of the App is APK Editor which is free to download from Google Play Store! 😀 Download this from here. This is really a nice platform to Edit Your Android Apps from your phone itself. You need not have to go for learning any programming or coding. Just the thing you need is creativity!

And I provided a video for you for better using of APK Editor. Watch This video by clicking there below and know more about this.


Hope it helps. Edit Your Android Apps and tell us your feedback about it in the comments below! Thanks…

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