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Format and Unmount Memory SD Card In Android

In my previous post I’ve written about connecting internet in PC by Android Mobile. In this post you will learn to Format and Unmount Memory SD Card In Android device. Well, formatting in computer terminology means removing all the data that was existing in a storage. I recommend you to back up all your important data before you format your device as once formatted you won’t get your data back. There are various tools available in Google which are specially made for this purpose.

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Format and Unmount Memory SD Card In Android

Unlike others the android device has a direct option to unmount and format memory card data. Follow the following steps to Format and Unmount Memory SD Card In Android device. If the reason of formatting your android device is viruses or malwares then do read this guide on chosing a free good antivirus on your android device. If still it has no positive consequences on your device then proceed with formatting your device.

Step 1) Start up your android device and navigate to Settings menu.

Step 2) In the settings menu of your device you will find “Storage” or “Memory” by scrolling down a little.

Step 3) After you’ve navigated to that place you will see something like this:

Format and Unmount Memory SD Card In Android

Step 4) Press the “Format SD Card” button which you will get the bottom part of the page.

Step 5) After the formatting is being done click on the Unmount SD card button.

Step 6) Then you are safe to remove the memory card from your device.


CONCLUSION: I also recommend you to read this guide to make your android device much faster than before. This might help you in preventing the format. Are you facing any problems in doing this? If yes do comment them below.

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