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Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK Free- Full Version For Android

Hello mates! After a long time I’m posting up here. I thought of posting something cool techie stuff, but didn’t find any latest tech hack which you’d like so I ended up with the review of this game. So, we all know about GTA Vice city. Won’t we? It’s one of the latest games for the newbie gamers. Well, I say that it’s the latest game for the newbie gamers because I myself was one of them. My first gaming journey started with the GTA Vice City PC game. I really loved playing it. Years back, I spent handful of hours in playing the game every day. The game becomes more interesting and crazy after you start implementing the ‘cheats’ in the game. You’ll know about the cheats in the bottom part of the post. Anyhow, this is not a complete review of the game but I’m sure you’ll know more about the downloading process and some more stuffs of the game. By the way, I forgot to tell you something. The game on which I’m now focusing is for android. Yes! You heard it right. GTA Vice city is now on android. Just follow the below steps to download and play Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free on your android device.

Is the Game Free?

I told earlier that the game is free. But if you see this from the view of Google Play Store then it is not. If you go to Play Store and look for the app then you’ll find that the app worth’s Rs.190. But I’ve got an link up here. By that you’ll be able to download the game and it’s data for completely free and experience the game without any type of crash on your device.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free

Why I became An Addict To This Android Game?

After my PC crashed once 3 year back due to some viruses I wasn’t able to play GTA Vice city. I was just about to complete the game but I lost everything. After that I just gave up playing the game. But recently a friend of mine told me about the Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK. I didn’t really believe that Vice City could be run for Android also. So, I Googled “Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK Download” and there I got to see the results. I downloaded the free version. And now, I almost completed half of the game. The other half is still to go. J The best features and likings of mine are:

1) The visuals of the game in your android device will be the same as the one in your computer!

2) There is a Cheater App. As the name signifies it’s a app for cheating by which you can enter the cheat codes to the game. As a cheater myself, I’m doing that. lol

3) Games like clash of clans and other has a maintenance break and also they bans users if they are playing too often. But this game is not like that. Play the much you want to. The game will not end. It will keep running like charm!

4) I’m a huge luxurious car fan, you know. This feature of driving and shooting within the cars makes the game more addicted to me!

5) Did you play the games like Clash Royale, Subway Surf, Death Trigger and other 3D games? Of course your answer will be yes. What I want to say is the graphics you will see here in the game will blow your mind.

Now let’s move to the final part of the post. Here you’ll learn how to download and install the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free on your Android Device and enjoy its gameplay.

vice city graphics quality

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free Download


So, you’ve known a lot about the gaming experience. Now it’s time to download the game and enjoy it. Are you ready? Let’s begin then.

Step 1) Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free by clicking the button below:

GTA Vice City Download

If you are a guy who doesn’t risks the phone by downloading the files that aren’t from Play Store then you can purchase GTA Vice City from Play Store.  🙂

Step 2) Most of you might download the game in your PC’s. So, do transfer the file to your Android device.

Step 3) Now, install the file on your android device.

 vice city game

Step 4) After it’s being installed open it and wait for some time (it might take a couple of minutes to load).

Step 5) Then you need to accept some agreements. Just accept them all and proceed.

Step 6) The main data file is still to be downloaded. Download the data file via your phone …


Download the GTA: Vice City – Data File from your PC and transfer it to your mobile as like you did with the APK file.

Step 7) If you downloaded the file in your PC then transfer it to this location: sdcard/Android/obb of your android phone. (If you downloaded the file via your Android device then you don’t need to follow this step)

Step 8) Now, restart your phone and run the APK. 😀 It’ll work like charm. Have a marvelous time with the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Free! Enjoy!

GTA Vice City Cheats

I told that I’ll be providing you the cheat codes. Right? So click on the button below and get the huge list of GTA Vice City cheats and become a cheater like me.

Get The Cheats

If you have any query regarding the installation of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk then do comment below. I’ll try my best to reply as soon as possible. Cheers! 🙂

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