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GTA India Mod Download For Android [500 MB]

GTA has always been my preference in the titles of gaming. A few months back I wrote about GTA Vice City APK. If you want to download the premium version of the game then click on the above link. Let’s not get out from the main topic. Here, in this post, we’ll be talking about a new modded version of GTA San and Reas. It’s all about the modded GTA India game!

Before we begin, let me enlight you, what ‘mod’ apk actually is.

gta india mod

So an app, which you download from play store or any other official source through the developer directly, then the app is said to be an original APK. No interference has been done with those APKs by third party sources. And on the other hand, the APKs whose source codes are interfered or modded files are added are known as modded apk. These APKs are an update/new version of the original APK but this ain’t official.

Anyhow, let’s know about the features of GTA mod version.

GTA India Mod Download

Through this GTA India mod version, you can experience many amazing features. Well, to be precise, there are a lot of modded GTA versions. The one which I’m going to share here contains some really astonishing features which you make you feel that you’re actually playing the game in India. (I wish the roads and the houses in the game were the same as India’s lol). So here are some of the features of GTA India Mod:

  • Indian Car: The game comprises of various Indian cars namely, swift desire, nano etc. Start playing the game to encounter more of those cars.gta india modded
  • Indian Bike: Bikes are comparatively less than cars in the game.
  • Indian Train: Yeah, you heard it right! Even Indian trains are added to the game which makes the game more awesome.
  • Indian Auto Rikshaw: You can not only find bike, cars or trains in the game but also Indian auto rickshaws!
  • All GPU supported: All the GPU are supported in the game which means you have higher chances for the modded game to run on your Android device.
  • Lite Version: This is the lite version of the game. It is highly compressed! You can get this game by clicking the below button. It’s just 500 MB. Move on!
  • Indian Elephant: Have you ever seen animals on any GTA game? Maybe no, I assume. But some Indians made it possible. You can now ride on an elephant in the GTA Mod IndiaGame. Ain’t that amazing?

How to Install GTA India Mod?

You need to follow the below steps to download and install GTA India modded version:

1. Download the APK and its data from the button below>

   Download APK File

   Download Game DATA

2. After you are done, download and install ZArchiver app from Google Play Store.

3. Open ZArchiever app and extract the .rar file of the ‘Game Data‘ in the DATA folder of your internal memory.

4. Open the extracted file and rename it according to your GPU. A lot of rename needs to be done, so I recommend you to watch the below video by Digital Gamer where you’ll get a crystal clear idea of what to do next. Don’t panic! Setting up this sh*t is too damn easy.

5. After the renaming of the files is done just restart your device and then launch the game. So you’ll be able to play the modded version of the game!

Final Words: This is how you can install GTA India mod on your Android device. In case you face any kind of problem, do not hesitate to tell me below, in the comments section. By the way, I got a bonus for you! If you want to earn money by playing games online, you might love to read this piece of content:

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