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How To Sniff A Facebook Account Online via An App

In this post you will learn how to Hack Facebook Account On Android Phone. This trick is performed by an simple application which enables you to sniff the data of your victim by which you can log in in your browser by his/her account.

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Just read the below tutorial to know about the procedure.


Hack Facebook Android APK

You can not only hack facebook accounts by this. It is made for YouTube, Twitter and much more social networking sites. It’s free to sniff the data. See the screenshot below:

Hack Facebook Account On Android Phone
Photo Credit: Wonder How To

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Before I start this, I recommend you not to try this for illegal purposes. This is just made to make you learn by which you could prevent yourself from being a victim of this. So be smart and think properly before you try this up. Follow the below steps to implement this trick. And I openly state that I’ve not described the trick in detail as giving those will make my blog un-ethical. Just the concept is being focused here. So, here goes the steps:

Hack Facebook Account On Android Phone 2016

Step 1) Download Download Faceniff Cracked in your android device. And the free version is also accepted.

Step 2) Install the application

Step 3) Connect to the network application you’re running and launch the application.

faceniff attack

Step 4) On the interface of this app you will see a RED colored button. It will transform to GREEN color as soon as the sniffing starts on.

Step 5) You will get to see 3 accounts there. Click on any one of them to log in.

Step 6) After you clicked you will be successfully logged in with that account.


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This is how you can hack facebook account on android phone. Before you try this please read the below NOTE.

NOTE: This trick is made for 3 special purposes:

  1. To Prevent yourself from this attack.

  2. To Make you aware of this as a reader of silentpoints

  3. To get access to the accounts which you forgot the passwords or hacked.

That’s all. Keep these in your mind and I will not be responsible if you do any illegal activity with this. And you know, this application is just like Firesheep which is an awesome, yet my favorite plugin being used in my MOZILLA Firefox. It works just same as the faceniff app. It’s used to hijack cookies of the accounts as like the latter.

And you might also like this interesting read on the secret to hack facebook online with software’s.There you will know if it is really possible to hack facebook by the direct software’s and websites online. But this trick to hack facebook account on android phone is genuine. This is 100% tested by me. It’s not a direct hacking software but it’s the one which steals the cookies of the victim and loads it in your browser by which you can be logged in. As a result it’s a indirect hacking software.

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