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A Trick To Hide Files On Android Phone

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Recently I wrote about the trick to run java Games and Apps on Android Phone. It’s one of the best trick to play the JAVA games you like the most on your android smartphone. So, for this post, it’s a trick to hide files on android phone.



How To Hide Files on Android Phone?

The simple trick to hide files on android phone is described below. Read to know more about the trick.


hide files on android phone

1) Download and install a file explorer on your android device. If you have it pre installed then no need to follow this step. You can download the latest ES Explorer or the Solid Explorer. They are good to use and also free, on the other hand.

2) Now what you need to do is, browse your file (which you wanna hide). For example if you have a folder on your device named –  “SilentPoints”. And you want to hide that file on your phone then just follow the 3rd step.. 😀

3) Before the folder name add – “.“. I mean a full stop. So the folder name will be “.SilentPoints” . 

4) It’s done! 😀 But how does it work? Check the concept below..

As you gave a dot before that folder, your Device won’t recognize that extension (.SilentPoints) and it will stop showing it in your device.

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So that is what It is being done. Again a question! –

How To Display Those Files Again? 


1) Firstly, go the the file explorer.

2) Browse that file (.SilentPoints in my case)

3) Remove that dot from “.SilentPoints“.

4) Now the folder is gonna look like – “SilentPoints

5) So, it is done! 😀 You can now get accessed to those files which are inside the folder SilentPoints. That’s all..

This is how you can hide files on android phone.


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    I tried to hide a file by using dot (.) i can able to hide but how to browse that file again

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