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How To Install CWM Recovery On Any Android Device

In this post you will learn how to install CWM recovery on any android device. In the previous post you read about  the honest review of Moto E. Some of my members wanted to know about the cwm recovery on their android phones. So I wrote this. Hope it benefits you all.

If you are a newbie to CWM then lets first know what CWM is…

What Is CWM Recovery?

Its the short form for ClockworkMod recovery. It is the most used custom recoveries which is made specially for the android device by an Indian known as Koushik Dutta who is a well known person in Android dev community. It’s basically the basic recovery modes for android phone.

The ClockworkMod recovery enables you to perform several advanced recovery which includes the restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device. Well, for anyone new to Android penetration testing and hacking, some of its options might prove to be a confusing to them. You can encounter with the CWM apps by clicking here, which will take you to the Google Play Page. Some of the basic features of the application are as follows:

  1. Reboot system : Which enables you to restart your android device with basic functions
  2. Installing .zip files from SDcard : You can install the files which are zipped or compressed by the app.
  3. Factory reset your device: It helps you to factory reset your android device or clear all your android device data. 
  4. Backup and Restore: The Backup function is also available in the app which is known as Nandroid backup which takes a full backup of your device.
  5. Removes free unused backup data: If in the backup you did just junk type files are found then it clears the data to make your android device run faster.
install cwm recovery

And there’s a hell lot of them installed there in the application. Install it and then you will get to know about these all. There are several more features on the CWM Recovery PRO. And on the other hand the CWM recovery free version also works fine. You can upgrade your account any time. Now let’s go the the next section of the post which deals with the installation of CWM Recovery.

How to Install CWM Recovery on any Android device

To Install CWM Recovery is not a hard task. You need to fully root your android device to enjoy this in your phone. If you have not rooted your android phone then click here to get the latest rooting guide: How To Root Android Device Without PC or if you want to root your device from your PC then do check this: Root Android Device By Your PC.

I’ll list 2 best method here to have this job done for your android device. One of it does not require PC and the other needs it.

Read the following steps and move forward to install CWM recovery.



Here there is two methods to install CWM recovery. One is the simple way and the other one is the official way. If the simple way doesn’t works for you then go for the next one (official way). Or if you want to involve your PC in this activity then read the the guide given at the bottom part of the post.

1) Steps To Follow For Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery In All Android Devices (Simple Way)


Step 1) Firstly you need to download the CWM recovery tool for android from google play store. Just type the name of the app on google play store: ROM Manager or click on the below link via your android device and download it.


Step 2) After downloading the application, open it.

Step 3) You’ll see a pop-up coming on the screen. Just select “flash CWM recovery” from the pop-up.

Step 4) Thereafter you will get to see a recovery menu. Select the desired recovery option which you wanted to go for.

Step 5) That’s it; you can reboot into Android by selecting “reboot system now”.

downloadable apps inside ROM manager

2) Steps To Follow For Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery In All Android Devices (Official Way)

In this method you need internet connection. It is needed because the ROM Manager will be downloading and then it will install CWM recovery to your device. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Open the ROM Manager app, you downloaded and select the Recovery Setup button. There you’ll see a list of options but under the Install or update recovery, you’ll get the ClockWorld Recovery option. Click on it.

Step 2) ROM Manager will take some time to identify your phone model (it checks if your device is compatible to it). After it is checked click on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

Step 3) Wait for the download to happen. When the CWM Recovery is downloaded by the ROM Manager, it will be automatically installed in your phone.

Step 4) Go to the recovery mode,

Step 5) You will now see the Stock Recovery would be replaced with custom CWM Recovery.

Done! CWM Recovery has been successfully installed on your device. Enjoy.


If you want to install CWM recovery via PC then follow the below method. But that method is tested on samsung and micromax phones only.


Steps To Follow To Install CWD Recovery In Samsung

This is particularly for Samsung phones as it’s tested there and is successfully working. This could be done by a tool known as Odin which is made for PC.

Follow the below steps to do it.

Step 1) Download and install Odin v 3.07 on your PC by clicking the below link:

Download Odin

Step 2) After downloading the Odin tool download CWM recovery (.tar) file from the button given below:

CWM Recovery (.tar file)

Step 3) Turn on USB debugging by going to settings, navigate to developer options then switch to turn on USB debugging.

Step 4) Run Odin tool as administrator by right clicking it and then clicking on “Run as Administrator“.

backup on ROM manager

Step 5) After that, shut down your android device and go to download mode by pressing these three: volume down + home screen button+ power button, then press volume up to continue and connect to your PC.

Step 6) After sometime when Odin recognized your device, click on the PDA option and browse to the CWM recovery (.tar) file where you have downloaded it.

Step 7) Select the tar CWM recovery file and hit the start button.

Step 8) After a few seconds when your device starts rebooting, unplug your device from the PC and remove the battery.

Step 9) Done! Now CWM recovery can be accessed by pressing the three: volume down +home screen button + power button.



Hope it helped you. If you have any queries regarding this guide to install CWM recovery then please comment up. I’ll be there to help you as much I can. Thanks!


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