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Run Java Apps On Android with Java Emulator

Today I got a emulator called Jbed emulator which is personally developed by hackers from the XDA Developers. Well, JBed will enable you to run all the Java apps on your android device. So this is the Java emulator for android.

What’s Java Emulator For Android?

Before I bought my android phone, I was having a JAVA device. You know, it’s games are no less than Android. They are amazing. Well, there are a heap of games in some sites like downloadwap.com and much more for JAVA. And I wished to play them in my android also. But we know, we can’t run those .jar apps on android. But I found it at last. It’s the Java emulator for android, as I mentioned.  Thanks for the geeks from XDA developers. 😀

Well, I have once written about using WhatsApp on your JAVA phone which is directly opposite to this trick. So, here we will all learn about the installation or setting up of java emulator on android device. There are two methods of installation:

  • Direct Installation

  • Indirect Installation


Direct Installation:  

As the direct word signifies, it’s the single .APK file, which you need to download and then install on your android device. And after It is done, you can run JAVA files (games or software’s) successfully on your android mobile.

There even is a chance of failing on this method. If you fail then don’t worry there is an another method for you. And yeah, it is gonna work on your device for sure.


1) Download java emulator for android from here.

2) Install the app on your android device.

3) Go to  Menu > SD Card.

4) Open the .jar or .jad file, you want to install or open.

5) That’s all. You can now run that app.


And If this method doesn’t works on your device then you are requested to go for the indirect method. The indirect method begins…

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Indirect Installation:

So, the direct method didn’t worked on your device? Come’on here’s the indirect method which is surely gonna work on your device. But now, what indirect installation is?

To answer this, it enables you to manually install every file into its directory so that app install can go in success.


1) Download  the Jbed Installation .zip package. (java emulator for android package)

2) Extract the Jbed package from, your PC or mobile.

3) Copy the folder to your SD Card.

4) Install the .apk file that you got in that folder after you extracted.

5) Now just move the file libjbedvm.so in another folder to this path /system/lib/ in your Android device by your file explorer.

6) Restart your mobile phone and it’s done. 😀


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So, this is the way to use java emulator for android to play the awesome java games on your android phone. If you got this trick cool, do share it with your friends.

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