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Market Unlocker Pro – Install Country Restricted Apps On Your Device

Google has done some country defined limits its play store apps, you know. I mean to say there are random places in the world on where some particular apps can be used. Some apps are limited to only few countries. I currently wrote about the top free talktime apps for android and there you can see that I’ve mentioned those apps are limited to only some countries. All the countries cannot experience those cool apps. So, here I’ve written this post to make you know about the solution by using Market Unlocker Pro on your Android device. Well, you don’t have to use the pro version of this app for having this job done. The free version is enough for it!

Market Unlocker Pro appsMarket Unlocker Pro- The Privileges

I’d like to state the example of Amazon App Store which is available only in United States. The ones from other countries cannot use that awesome app which enables you to browse, buy, and download apps to your heart’s content. And for that a solution has some up!

You can now access these type of applications just by installing the Market Unlocker pro on your device and doing some small jobs with it. And lo! You’ll get the chance to access up these apps, from wherever you belong to. It also allows you a special privilege. You can also access to some paid apps which could cost you more than $50 and so on! Moreover it support international proxy for all the applications.

So to highlight up, we can say: Market Unlocker app enables you to access up with the paid and restricted applications from nations where paid applications are not yet readily available. 

Now, let’s proceed to the next part. Here in this section you will know about the requirements needed for the Market Unlocker Pro.

The Requirements For Market Unlocker Pro:

Many said that the Market unlocker didn’t worked on his/her device. Later after talking to them I discovered that they had not met with the requirements for downloading and installing the application on their device. These are requirements stated below for having this app on your device and to run smoothly:

1) The Android Version of the Device should be more than 2.2+. In the older version of Android this application doesn’t supports well.

2) To download this app you need to have the origin approval. The application cannot be installed without that.

3) The main requirement which many of you don’t follow is not having the device rooted! You need a fully rooted device to have the application (Market unlocker) installed on your device. If you have not rooted your device till now then go, root your device by reading this guide on rooting an android device by your PC or you can also root it directly by your device by using a software called Kingo which is called kingo root.

There are the three basic requirements to run the application smoothly. After you have done these three please move forward and learn about how to perform it or how to install the Market Unlocker Pro on your device.

Let’s begin then!

How To Install Market Unlocker on your Android Device?

So here are the steps which you need to implement to install the market unlocker pro. I tried to make the steps as easy as possible.

Step 1) Download Market Unlocker From Here. (clicking on the link will directly download the application. No surveys needed)

Step 2) After you installed the application launch it. Then enable the unlocker and turn on the auto unlock feature.

Step 3) You need to download the Elite Proxy Switcher from here by which you can auto search the proxies. Or if you don’t want to download this application and do this job then just enable the proxy and set up this proxy by going to Proxy Tab in the Market Unlocker application:

Port: 80

Step 4) Clear Google Play Store’s Data and reboot (restart) your device.

Step 5) You are done! Open Google Play Store now and you have the extreme liberty to download any app you want to. 😀

market-unlocker download



Why To Use The Market Unlocker Pro; Not the free version

People now-a-days have been switching to Market Unlocker Pro because they want to enjoy certain privileges. In the step #3 of how to install the Market Unlocker App section you’ve got that you need to search for proxies manually which is not a very easy task. So they opted to the pro version of this app which offers users the advantage to search the proxies automatically by themselves. And also this free app shows spammy advertisements inside it. The pro version is to get rid of them as well. 😀 And let me tell you the pricing of the premium application. You are supposed to pay $0.99 for the Pro versionAnd my crazy advice to you will be just typing the keyword ‘download market unlocker pro free‘ on Google by which you will get a hell lot of download links. But they are risky as they might be nulled also. Anyhow, give up a try if you have any good antivirus application for your android device.

Did you encountered with any problem after you implemented the sayings in the post? If yes comment it below. I’ll reply to you within 24 hours. Thanks!

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