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7 Ways the Mobile App World is Evolving in 2019

Due to the tremendous growth in mobile app development, smartphones have become indispensable tools. Whether it is for watching videos, going to work, checking emails or contacting your friends, there is a mobile app for everything. Thanks to the usage of mobile apps, developers are coming with innovative ways to meet this demand. Here are seven ways the mobile app world is evolving in 2019:

More cloud-based mobile apps

Cloud computing is gaining popularity as it frees up significant space from the user’s smartphone. For example, Whatsapp stores your messages and media on Google Drive. Similarly, Google Photos does the same, by compressing and storing your images and videos (unless you have a Pixel device). There will be an increase in cloud-based mobile apps in 2019.

Focus on apps for wearables

As everyone is focusing on health and fitness, there is an increase in demand for smartwatches and fitness trackers. For instance, there are apps which help count the number of steps, calories burned, and the quality of sleep. Expect mobile app development to focus on wearables next year.

Greater implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream, as app developers are using this technology to improve mobile apps. Swiftkey uses AI to improve its predictions, while Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei are using this technology to recognize scenes in their camera applications for better performance.

Increase in mobile payments

Apple, Google, and Samsung introduced apps which allow users to make payments. These apps function like a debit or credit card, allowing users to pay with their smartphones. Whatsapp also has Whatsapp Pay, allowing users to transfer money.

Instant apps

Instant apps for Android is revolutionary in mobile app development, as users can use them without having to install applications on their smartphones. As it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, developers will focus on improving them.

Location-based and beacon services

Although this technology has been around for a while, app developers have been slow in realizing its true potential. As personalization is key, location-based and beacon services will allow mobile apps to cater relevant content to their users.

Significant focus on security

Apps now have to handle confidential and personal information of users as the Internet of Things (IoT) and such technologies are becoming a reality. Due to these reasons, there will be a significant focus on security.

There is no doubt that 2019 will see a number of innovative apps that would change our lives for the better!

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