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Nova Launcher Prime APK Review – Best Android Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime APK is one of the best Android launchers in the android market on 2017. Essentially, a launcher is among those apps that need to be very good but melt in the background. A great thing concerning this launcher is that it permits you to use themes from some other launchers also. It isn’t depending on the AOSP launcher. The very best thing relating to this launcher is that is completely customizable in each and every point of view. Nova Launcher comes with two versions, that’s completely free and Prime. There are lots of amazing launchers readily available on Android, that permits you to customize the experience in any manner you enjoy.

Nova Launcher Prime APK

For most of the people today, nova launcher has been one of their best choices. Another reason that you may want to adhere to these instructions to duplicate the Pixel launcher is since you’ll acquire hands-on experience with a few of the many customization alternatives that are available with Nova. If you believe otherwise you should consider the evaluation. It enhances the operation of your smartphone. You’re able to put in a customized recovery, flash customized ROMs, zip files, boot images, and recoveries, in addition, to manage your backups.

nova launcher

The completely free version has a lot of characteristics that you are able to test before upgrading to the paid version. The basic version does not have any charge, but Nova Launcher Premium has a bunch of additional perks, including support for a sort of gestures (double tapping, swiping or pinching), the capability to hide particular apps (that can be beneficial to manage bloatware) and customizable icon swipes, to mention only a few.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK

Even though most of you’re employing a cell phone to do many things like utilizing the many apps, playing different mobile games etc, a number of them can even make the most of the many custom made icon packs you are going to see on the Play Store. There is a good explanation for this. Thankfully they aren’t that large number so you’ll have a fundamental idea how this launcher works while using the completely free variant of the app. To download nova launcher latest version, click the button below. You’ll be redirected to the download page. The download will start in few seconds. You can also check up the video given above for more of your assistance.


Download Nova

Why Nova Launcher Prime APK is the best?

Sure, a number of the launchers have terrific default interfaces but to truly get more from the launcher you’ll need to tinker with this. It’s likewise among the fastest launchers on the market, and actually, is much faster than the stock Android launcher. Each launcher provides different characteristics to appeal to unique users. Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher lets you resize the house screen grid.

The app was featured in many of the authority APK sites as the best launchers for Android list. The nova launcher prime APK, however, requires constant checking to find the outcomes of tweaks. When you switch on your mobile and utilize selected apps to execute many tasks, you are really utilizing a launcher.

If you visit and hunt for your device, you’ll locate countless ROMs accessible to try. Because of this, these sorts of the electronic device won’t need any higher app to support topics. With Nova Launcher, it is simple to customize your Android device to make it seem exactly like how you would like it to. Spanning many of users installs launchers and lots of unuseful applications since they heard that they are the greatest available right now. Aside from the speed, the use of RAM and storage is very brilliant.


Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Pack

Outside of this, additionally, it has a little set of screen transition effects and themes. One of many terrific features is known as custom app drawer group. Customize your Android home screen in any manner you can picture. Quite simply, you may select icons on a per-app basis, and it’s pretty straightforward to do. Icon Pack Droidicon will create custom made icons for the majority of your apps. Just feel that in case you need to modify icons, drawer color, styles, text font or you would just like to have a very simple launcher that is always prepared to be customized. It also comes with a lot of icons which you can get by googling, nova launcher icon pack. In addition, there is plenty of themes to pick from, and the majority of these are free. Some of the best nova launcher themes rated by the users are:

  1.  Benas Dzimidas – Price: Free / $1.39
  2. GSeth – Price: Varies
  3. Hooolm – Price: Varies
  4. Kovdev – Price: Varies
  5. Samer Zayer – Price: Varies
  6. sikebo – Price: Free / $0.99

These six are the most downloaded and best nova launcher themes which you’ll get on Google Play store. So why waiting? Download them and make your mobile look dashing. 🙂

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