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Way2SMS: Android Application for Sending Free SMS

Hey, how are you doing? I wrote about running JAVA Apps on your Android device in the last post. And in this post you will learn how to send free sms from android.

Is It Possible To Send Free SMS from Android?

Yes! It’s possible. You can believe to it and proceed reading further. But how are we going to do that? Simple! Just a APK will enable us to achieve that. 😀 Its the Way2SMS Android App. It provides you with all the functions with ease and that too right on your device.

 send free sms from android

Using this is very simple. It’s like just messaging up someone directly. This APP has got a pretty cool interface by which you can search your contacts easily and message to them.

You’ll know about it more below.


Features of Way2Sms

Want to know about the best features of the app: WAY2SMS? These are the ones;

1) You can send about 500 SMS/Day. It’s not free after 500 SMS’s.

2) No need to sign in with the APP, again and again as you could do using the online website. Just sign in once and it is done! 😀

3) Can send messages to groups you might have created.



4) You can even add more than once account and start sending messages from another account when your first account gets empty for once day limit. As I mentioned the day limit of the APP in one day is 500 messages.

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Send free sms from android by downloading this APP from the button below. 😀

Download The App

Hope you liked this trick to send free sms from android. If you are facing any problem regarding this trick then do comment. We will try our best to help you..




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