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Set Proxy In Android Mobile For Internet Network

In my previous post I wrote about the vodafone APN’s to connect with internet. And here is a trick to Set Proxy In Android Mobile For Internet connectivity. This will help you when you try to get access to internet connectivity to a proxy network, but that’s password protected and cannot be bypassed. So, if you have a proxy username and password for that network then you can go to that network easily by changing the settings of your proxy.

Concept Of Proxy

Moreover this can be used to access the banned sites. The sites which are banned on your country, you can get access to them just by changing your proxy. Do you know what proxy server signifies? Here is it:

Proxy server is basically another computer which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed.

For instance, YouTube and WikiPedia is Banned In Pakistan but still people gets access to the site by changing the proxy of their network. So, that is how a proxy works. Plus, to remove your last name in facebook you need to change your proxy to an Indonesian one. Why to do that? Because liberty is given only to the Indonesians to have NO-Surname account. We can’t get the liberty here in our countries. To get that we need to go to Indonesia. Who the heck is going to go to Indonesia to change the last name of facebook account? For that  the solution is to just changing your proxy to an Indonesian one.

But how to get the Indonesian proxy? Simple tho! Just typing the keywords “indonesian proxy list” on Google will do your job. Hope, by now you got some little knowledge on the working of the Proxy!

How To Set Proxy In Android Mobile For Internet Connectivity

Step 1) Firstly, you need to turn on your WiFi and check whether the network is available to connect to it.

Step 2) Go to settings –> wireless and networks –> WiFi settings of your device.

Step 3) Select the option button then on that pop-up click the Advanced Option.

Step 4) After you have clicked the Advanced Option you need to now enter the proxy address and port number. See screenshot below:

set proxy in android mobile for internet

NOTE: If network uses static IP, click on use static IP and enter the IP Address, gateway and Net-mask of the particular network.

After you performed the above task you will be successfully getting access to Internet Connectivity through that proxy. If you are finding difficulty to find IP address, gateway and Netmask of a connection then you need to proceed to the next section of the post. Here you will know which proxy address is being used by a particular computer.

How To Know About The Proxy Address Of A Internet Network

Step 1) Open up the Internet Propeties (of the computer from where you need to find the proxy, IP, gateway etc.) You can go there by typing “internet options” on the search menu.

set proxy in android mobile for internet

Step 2) Select the connection tab from that. You can find out the proxy of the computer through this.

Step 3) Click on LAN Settings. Then you will see a box appearing with the title: Local Area Network (LAN) Settings.

Step 4) There you will find the proxy and port address of the server.

NOTE: For more details on the proxy address open control panel, then navigate to Open network and Internet connection and then just select the network and right click on it and open the properties tab. That’s all. This is how you can set proxy in android mobile for internet connectivity.

I told you that proxy is used to browse banned sites too. If you don’t want to change the proxy settings of your internet then you can also use some free proxy sites. In those sites what you need to do is just enter the site name and enjoy unlimited browsing. The two best free proxy sites I have been using for years are:

  • https://www.ninjaproxy.ninja
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy

Copy this and paste it in your browser and then enjoy unlimited anonymous surfing from other countries. I basically use these sites for making wapka phishing sites as wapka is banned in many countries, including ours too.

So, did you set proxy in android mobile for internet? And it didn’t worked? Don’t worry I will help you in that. Just comment them below. I’ll reply to them as fast as possible.

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