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How to Unroot Android Phone without Computer

Unroot Android Phone without Computer: Would you like to resell your Android smartphone? In this case, it is better to remove the root. For many other reasons, you may want to un-root your smartphone or tablet: problems, malware, and inability to perform OTA updates. For example, if you return your Samsung dearly purchased at the after-sales service, it is strongly recommended to remove the root from your device. There are several methods, here is one of the simplest and safest.

How to Unroot Android Phone without Computer 

As we all know we can either root an Android device by computer or the kingo root app also allows easy mobile rooting. After you have rooted your device, if you want to change your mind and again unroot it then this guide is waiting for you. For this tutorial, we will simply use one of the features of the SuperSu application, which allows removing the root access. The SuperSU application is then manually uninstalled without problems.
The procedure is extremely simple. The device used for this article is a Samsung Galaxy S5 but it works on all Android devices of course.

Check if your smartphone is already rooted

Before anything else, it should be verified if your phone is rooted. You can use an application like Root Checker to do this.

⦁ Version of the app: 5.7.7
⦁ Size of the app: 5.83 MB
⦁ Compatibility of the app: Android 2.3 or more
⦁ Economic model: free with purchases in the application

Download Root Checker

Remove the Android Root

Why remove root on Android?

Good question! In fact, rooter Android is fine. In Europe, root does not remove the warranty, unless the problem is caused by the procedure itself. Remain that if you do not want to have to negotiate 107 years with SAV, I advise you to remove the root from your Android device.

How to remove root from an Android device?

Here you have two methods. The first is to delete files, the second goes through the SuperSU application.

Method 1: Deleting Files

You can try to remove the root with your file manager. The process is incredibly simple; you just need to follow the following steps:
⦁ Go to / system / bin and find the su file and delete it
⦁ Go to / system / xbin and delete the su file.
⦁ Then go to / system / app and remove Superuser.apk.
⦁ Restart your device, the root should be gone.

Method 2: Manipulation by SuperSU

Normally, you all have the SuperSU application installed on your mobile as a result of the root. The application has a function that allows removing access to the root, quite simply.
1. Launch the SuperSU application. If you uninstalled it for any reason, simply reinstall it from Google Play.

⦁ Version of the app: 2.79
⦁ Size of the app: 6.28 MB
⦁ Compatibility of the app: Android 2.1 or more
⦁ Business model: completely free

Download Super SU

2. Click the tab Settings at the top right and then complete removing the root. Confirm with Continue.
If SuperSU prompts you to update the SU binary, click “Continue.”

Remove the Android Root
3.  After the operation is completed, it takes a few minutes and entails various automatic procedures. You can then restart your Android.
4.  Uninstall the SuperSU application.
There you go! You have removed the root of your Android smartphone.
To remove (almost) all root traces, you still have to uninstall the SuperSU application.

Problems with the unroot of your Android?

I have encountered only one major problem with this method. If you have a custom recovery with ” Fix root – (/ system / xbin / su)” , the procedure may not be as on casters: the only solution to remove the root was for me Flash an official firmware, with boot, recovery and system.
Have these methods worked for you? Do comment below if you are facing any problem to unroot Android Phone without Computer.

This is a guest post by Salman Qureshi. He blogs at AndroidHow.com and likes writing about the latest Android updates, Android tips, reviews etc. If you have anything to ask him you can directly contact him at [email protected]

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