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Step-by-step Guide for Creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot

Wanted to start a blog? Great idea!

Well, there’s so much info on the internet, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. So, where to start on? Eh? Confusing no?

Just Damn it. Here, in this post I will tell you about creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot with step by step instructions. I mentioned about the priviliges of blogging in a post here. Refer to that. BlogSpot is a platform for the bloggers to blog. It is a Content Management System (CMS). You can create your own free blog there. But your site’s extension will be : XXXXXX.blogspot.com 

I want to tell you again that self hosted blogs are always better than free blogging platforms like BlogSpot.com and WordPress.com. However some of the newbies wants to start blogging without making an initial investment of funds, so for them these platforms are quite okay!

The Steps for Creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot:


1) Firstly, head over to BlogSpot.com and login using your Google account. Don’t have a Google (gmail) account? Go, create one for free.

2) So, after you logged in to your account they will ask you to Confirm Your Profile Choose to create a Google+ profile or a limited blogger profile. By which you will appear on the blog (as an author).

3) Now, after the profile and all will be set up, you will be redirected to the homepage. There you will see something like this –


4) Now Create on the “New Blog” Button. There you will get to fill up some details. By details, I mean- the blog name, the blog URL and the theme. Check below, i gave a stupid name to my blog. :p And then press the Create Blog button.


5) Now, you will see the below page. Its the overview of your blog.


6) From here you can click on “Posts” > “New post” and start writing your first blog post! Before you write your first post, I wanna recommend you go to > “Pages” and then create few pages such as the About, privacy policy, contact us etc, which should be about you and what exactly your blog is about.

Our Site will now look like this –


7) To design the layout of the site go to the left hand side of the dashboard. You’ll find a Layout button. Click on it. Now you can arrange the things in a integretal manner as shown below !


So, now your site is fully set up! This is the way of Creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot. Now, Start writing blogs. After you will have a good amount of visitors in your blog, you can monetize your blog. I mean you can earn from your blog. I will teach you how to monetize your blog site properly soon.

If you feel, your writings are not in the level of your audience then you can always try Affordable Content Writing Services by which you will be getting professional articles by spending some few bucks.


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  2. Have you any trick to buy a domain for free??
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