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Best e-Commerce Website Designs Which Are Trending in 2018

According to an estimate, more than 20% of the website visitors wall away from an online store because they don’t find the store attractive or user-friendly enough. Lousy store designs are a leading cause why most e-commerce vendors are forced to shut down their online ventures and switch back to their old jobs.

If your website doesn’t offer the ultimate user experience, the chances are high that you can land the perfect sale on your platform. Wondering why Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay score the best customers even though their stores aren’t lucrative enough? It’s because they invested patiently to get there.

You can also reach where they stand, but they were the pioneers, and you are just one in the link now. To be original and unique, you need to do something new, something that’s out of the blue.

Best E-commerce Website Designs

Here are some e-commerce store designs that indeed marked their presence on the face of the Internet.

Premium Teas

Tea stores are colorful, yet simple to navigate! But, there is something that’s entirely out of the box about Premium Teas. The web-based online store contains a perfectly refined strategy to funnel down customers and land a dot point sale. The store works more interactively using strong visuals rather than filling it up with content. By portraying what they sell more rather than describing it, they aim to gain the attention of the customers in the initial phase. Once, you click on an image, it redirects you to another page with substantial information on blending temperature, fermenting type, caffeine level, smell, etc.


Who doesn’t love babies? We all do! And when it comes to buying out things for your little toddler, you won’t think twice. BabyKtan is a brand that stands apart in delivering outclass baby wrappings. Using cute baby images, and the perfect blend of colors, the website contains all the attractive features necessary to win the hearts of different moms and dads! And the pricing of products is just about right. The store has a humble layout and offers easy navigation breaching small emotional connections. Besides, the store has reported a high percentage of network traffic, page views, and conversion ratio.

ADA Blackjack

Not many website development agencies design the perfect products, but ADA Blackjack is one such store that leaves behind most e-commerce ventures on the block. ADA Blackjack is a handbag based online stores which sells utterly handcrafted leather bags. The unique selling point of the ADA Blackjack is how they market their products using alluring and attractive images with minimal content. The photographs are engaging, and the website layout is pretty simple and easy to navigate around. The items on hover emerge giving a more subtle view of the product, ultimately resulting in providing an optimized view.

Armani Woodworks

How many furniture e-commerce websites do we come across which uses the right type of grid structure with the perfect placing of the content? Armani fine woodworking website is one place where you can get the best countertops at a reasonable price. The site is designed to ideally utilize the white spaces giving a more focused feel to customers. They can easily spot out the product which they are looking for and make a selection. Also, the gallery is impressive! And most of the FAQs answered.

Season Sports

If you are an athlete, there is a hard chance that you would consider purchasing something offered online. However, with Seasons, the case is a whole lot different. It is not only an exciting store that allows you to buy your desired sportswear but also establishes a strong brand image by promising clients with more exciting products to purchase. The Seasons is designed with the classic view in mind to change how the professionals think.

So that’s all for the day! These e-commerce stores are some of the designs that in my views are considerably trending across the Internet. Planning to launch your first e-commerce store? As much as the marketing is necessary, the store design also plays a significant role.

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