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7 Steps To Optimize Your Website Page Load Time By 50%

Steps To Optimize Your Page Load Time: Is your website slow? If so, what are you planning to do to reduce loading time? Majority of the users want to get access to the website within few seconds, otherwise, they tend to leave your site. You will certainly lose your visitors to your rivals which will increase their conversion rate.

We don’t think you can afford to lose visitors because of the time load difference. Simply speed up your content as this will not only improve your SEO but it will increase your conversion rate and cut down the bounce rate.

Steps To Optimize Your Page Load Time

Below are few steps that you can employ to ensure your web page load easily and leave your users satisfied.

  • Optimize your images

Images are one of the most important elements on your website. The images on your site should be optimized to reduce the webpage load time. Work on the colors, crop the image, and preferably format images for your website. There are online images tools that you can use to optimize images without affecting the quality.

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  • Reduce plugins

Applying too many plug-ins can cause harm to your website and will make it crash, resulting in added expense. Everyone wants to make their website effective and they try everything with relevant added features to make it work. However, this leads to decrease the page load time. It’s important to deactivate all the plugins that will cause delay in page load time and measure your site’s performance.

optimize your page load time

  • Enable compression

Some people believe that reducing the content of your site will increase your load page. While this may increase the page load time, it will decrease your website quality by reducing the visibility and conversion rate. It’s advisable you should not reduce the content, instead use compression technique.

  • Browser caching

When your visitors have downloaded all the elements needed to browse your home page you wouldn’t make them do the same process again. Browser caching allows you to temporarily store all information on their phone and mobile devices so they don’t have to download that information again.

  • Improve server response time

Many people ignore web page load time when developing a website with reduced load time. Reducing server time will improve the page load speed and will help improve user experience and gain a competitive advantage. In order to do so, you need to ensure to handle all the traffic smoothly to help provide a favorable user experience and reduce the server response time to enhance the user experience. In addition, you need to improve your database to speed up the part of your pages that don’t use the database. Moreover, select your web server carefully that will make your site stand out from the competition.

  • Optimize your CSS

You might not know that your CSS is the first thing that loads before a visitors see your site. By optimizing your website loads faster and not keep the visitor waiting from accessing the website. Optimizing CSS is one way of ensuring that your files are of their smallest size giving your visitors a way to access your site quickly.

optimize your page load time

  • Minimize HTTP request

While a page is loading, 80% of the load time is spent on the elements that make up the whole page. Elements like flash, HTTP, style sheet are the elements that are downloaded when you access the page. This indicates that more time will be taken to load the pages and you need to work on reducing the page load time. This can be done by minimizing HTTP request which can be done by:

  • Using CSS instead of images
  • Removing unnecessary elements from the webpage
  • Merge style sheets

Build a website that removes HTTP requests which will result in improved website performance.

TIP: HTTPS Connection also helps a lot in the speed factor.  

In Conclusion

Improving the site speed is a long going process which needs regular testing. This will help your website gain more visibility and credibility and will be favored by both visitors and Google for having an advanced user experience.

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