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Yeah, I make $10k every month after my shift to WooCommerce

Hello, readers!

I’m Yassine Ouya and I’m from Morroco. Recently I wrote about WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison where I shared almost everything about the pros and cons of both of ’em. In this post, I’ll be sharing yet another Shopify Case Study with you which will be an in-depth one.

Well, I started my online journey in 2014 just like any beginner in the world. I was looking for a way to enter into e-commerce and learn quickly about its stuff. I also tried a lot of products and fields. I found Shopify to be the most popular solution and everyone talks about it as an easy way to start with. Especially with the gurus everywhere are trying to sell their courses. They convince you that they will be shortening the road and share you the secrets for payment of few $$$s.

Drop Shipping Shopify Case Study

At that time, my account at PayPal was around $1,800. I made them from freelance works. I actually worked as a designer.

I searched a lot on how to learn Shopify and found a lot of videos on YouTube! The majority of ’em explains how to deal with Facebook Ads and some plugins and basic stuff.

I was very confused.


But then, I found a video of a young guy named “Dan Dasilva”. I bought one of his courses just to upgrade myself in this market. I wanted to know more about this stuff.

BUT I got nothing much remarkable in return. He took my money and gave the same content which you can find for free on youtube and the 30days money back guarantee is just a LIE.

I started with the free materials available on YouTube and started Shopify with free 60days trial (the longest trial period you can get)! I had a lot of limitation so I went with the Basic plan and tested a lot of products in a general store because I couldn’t run multiple stores and manage them all from the same dashboard. I can only divide the store to the collection to get a domain name to set URL to point to every collection.

Shopify Case Study

The Shopify plugins are really expensive. And they take monthly fees even if you don’t make any money. And on the other hand, you are also going to get stuck with a free theme. If you want to get a great theme you need to spend a LOT of money.

That seems pathetic during the initial times of the business.

I’m not against Shopify as you all might assume from my tone in this post. But what I’m in against is the ‘expensive solution’. It forces you to pay and buy more.

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I searched online and found experts and peoples make money from both WooCommerce and Shopify! But the problem which I found is that everyone is talking about Shopify. Before hearing of WooCommerce, I thought Shopify is the only way to run an ECommerce business.

This is one of the main motives for this Shopify Case Study. I’ll let you know about this more. Read on.

Shopify Case Study: The Stupid Decisions

So after that, the things get worse when I find people like me from third world country who spends their limited budget on Shopify before making any profit. And that too a lot of them very ‘quick’ because they think that Shopify is the only way for an awesome eCommerce business and the other options are not that good or need developing skills and knowledge of coding and some very hard stuff.

Let me tell you it’s NOTHING like that.


I came across a post in BlackHatWorld forum, an eCommerce expert was explaining why a lot of people go for Shopify and why there is a lot of gurus out there promoting Shopify as the best option and make other platforms look like rocket science. I wrote about the gurus in my previous post on Silentpoints. In case you missed here’s a little calculation about the affiliates which the so called ‘Gurus’ promote.

Shopify has the best affiliate program out there, for every new customer you get them you get 200% from his first-month plan payment for one time. for example. if you convince 10 people to sign up for the basic plan and if all of them pay the first month you get, (29×2) x 10 = $580, just 10 people and if you convince them to start with $79 you get (79×2) x 10 = $1580. That’s a profitable business.

Shopify knows that a lot of that new customers will be upgrading to get more features and fewer limitations. They are also gonna get plugins and themes. So they don’t bother if they give you a 200% for one time only and make a lot of money after.

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That’s why you find a lot of people share videos on YouTube claim they are experts and share fake screenshots and how Shopify make them a lot of money and even compare it with WooCommerce and other platforms. They present Shopify as the easy and only option you have, and what helps them a lot, is the free trial affiliate links they provide in the description section. And they always finish their videos with, if you are confused, you will find a free trial period link below. Go sign up and start making money.

And do not get me wrong. There are also some legit honest people who share their experiences and wants to help others. But the majority of fake gurus find a real money making market through the affiliate program and use anyway to make you sign up or buy courses.

From my experience, Shopify or WooCommerce or BigCommerce are all the same tools from which you can make money. And I really know a lot of people making huge money using both Shopify and WooCommerce. Also, I have a friend making huge profits using Big Commerce just by selling shoes online.

If you get my point, it’s not about the best platform. It’s about you, on choosing from a lot of options as a beginner.

So, in the article that’s what my opinion was. I compared them based on my experience. I want other people like me to know that they can make money with other options too and not only Shopify.

Now after using WooCommerce for a long time, I found that it gave me whatever I wanted. It provided me with the real freedom and more options to test niches and multiple stores.

Shopify Case Study


I don’t know anything about coding if I face any type of problem I move to the Facebook Groups and forums and there my problem gets solved.

I never face any security problem, I use great hosting services and use anti spam plugins.

Today, I make more than $10k/month and I have two people working with me currently.

How Can I Earn a Lot of Money By eCommerce Business?

From my experience the basics knowledge you need to start a successful eCommerce business are :

  • Less expense
  • Freedom to test an fail and test again
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Low-cost themes
  • Blogging ( Blogs and content have a huge impact on my business. Gary Vaynerchuk tells that when an ecom entrepreneur asks him on how to get loyal costumers, he tells him/her to get engaged with blogs and share free pieces of information with them. That’s the power of blogging.)

Image Credits: Entrepreneur 

I used the Shopify blogging options and it’s really the worst. It’s very limited and you can’t respond to comment! I hope they will be fixing it. Woocommerce is based on WordPress, the best blogging platform used by famous brands.

So Woocommerce provides me with all those basics.

This is my opinion based on my experience, I’m not a WooCommerce fanboy, I’m not a guru, I just spent some time to share this experience with people like me who want the freedom to test. I also want them to lessen the spendings on Shopify.

If you are not into eCommerce business then you might like reading about the top 10 ways to earn money online.

You can make it with any platform, don’t get stuck in on option. What I meant is Shopify is not the only option you have. Try other platforms too. You have nothing to lose on doing that at the end of the day.

Love you all, Greeting from Morocco.

About Yassine Ouya

An enthusiastic entrepreneur from Morocco, having expertise on drop shipping and other business stuff. To know more about him connect with him on Facebook.

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