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Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms among the bloggers. When a blogger starts blogging he or she finds a platform that is easy to use and quick to update. Because most of the bloggers in the world do not have technical knowledge to update their blogs, so WP is the best platform or CMS for bloggers these days. Among the other CMS platforms, WP is good compared to others because it is easy to use, quick to update and easy to install plugins that could be effective for many reasons, from SEO to SMO, from Newsletter subscriptions to others.

Which Social Sharing WordPress Plugins to Choose?

With so many different social sharing plugins are available for the purpose of WordPress. They can be really difficult to know which one or multiple is to choose to your WordPress blog or website. However, we have discussed many things here but only have discussed some important plugins that are important for bloggers who generally do blogging via WordPress. Some may look great and have a lot of flashy features, but you should know which plugin or some plug-ins are good for your blog.

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How to Choose the WP Social Sharing Plugins?

While WordPress comes with lot many objectives as well as core functionality, but sometimes they lack a lot of the things that you need and those features are much-needed for the purpose of features like Social Share Buttons. This is where WP plugins come to help bloggers. They will fill the gaps but extend the WordPress as well as offer you the features you need. But getting and finding the exact plugin is not an easy task, it sounds easy but not that easy. There are more than fifty thousand WP plugins available which make it even a daunting task to find the perfect plugin for your blog to do the right job.

Some of the plugins are no doubt good, but the majority of them are not what you will need to have or use. Therefore, here is a list of the best Social Sharing Plugins for WP bloggers that we are listed and recommended. Let us discuss them. To save your testing the wide array of options, we have compiled a list of top six social sharing plugins for WP bloggers.

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

MonarchMonarch is one of the latest WP plugin produced by Elegant Themes. It has some amazing features combining the fly in, inline as well as a popup and floating social media buttons that are not new but superb for WP bloggers. It also helps allow the bloggers of WP to display share the counts after the post that has reached on a social count.

Easy Social Sharing Button for WordPressEasy Social share button for WP for bloggers is another most popular option that most of the bloggers use these days. It not only boosts some of the most amazing features that are akin to Monarch WP plugin but also allows you to show social media buttons in twelve different locations.

Floating Social Bar – The WordPress beginner team first released this floating social bar plugin. It was mainly built to give an alternative to the many other social sharing plugins for WP that can only slow down the website performance as well as enhance the loading times.

Digg Digg – This Digg Digg free social sharing plugin for WP bloggers not only a great choice but also a useful one for the purpose of blogging and social sharing.

Jetpack – Jetpack is a great plugin that permits self-hosted WP websites to get maximum access to some of the excellent features that WordPress.com websites can make use of it. This plugin is good for sharing posts as well as images. Once you have installed as well as active this Jetpack plugin on your WP site, you can then activate the module from plugin setting page.

Pinterest Pin It Pro – It is a premium plugin that is beyond doubt perfect for those bloggers who want to share many different images of photos, graphics and other relevant images on site. The importance of installing this plugin is, this allows you to display or show a Pin It button on your image.

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Final Words:  The six plugins here not only represent the best of best social sharing plugins for WordPress for bloggers, but also for countless others available. It is difficult to find out or choose a single plugin that can give you all features, but finding and choosing the multiple WP plugins are good, and your objective is in terms of social sharing and certainly that type of website you are building.

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