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5 Factors That Determine Your Website Conversion Rate

Website conversion rate: Website conversion rate is a way to measure the success of your website and marketing efforts. Increasing website conversion rate is not an easy task to do. It takes compelling content, proper SEO, mobile-friendly design, and other numerous factors that can affect your conversion rate. Below are some of the factors that affect your website conversion rate.

Website Conversion Rate Factors

  • Importance of whitespace

Your website needs whitespace aka negative space. This technique allows visitors to come to your webpage and find what they’re looking for without getting distracted and making your page easier to read. You want to give your webpage some space to breathe, therefore, you need to estimate how much space should be needed. You need to make sure the right amount of space is included which makes your web page easier to read and digest. One way to determine if it works best for you is to do testing and take users feedback to work on any improvements needed.

  • Website design

Websites designed in a way can better define the conversion rates. The key is to keep your designs simple and professional. You don’t want to complicate the web design and make it overcrowded with all the unnecessary features. In addition, the navigation of the website determines whether the website is easy to access or not. To ensure a good web design, you can use testing tools such as Google Analytics, with which you can measure the visitors visiting your site and their activities.

  • Location

It’s important to determine where your website visitors are coming from and target them specifically. Your targeted audience can certainly affect your website conversion rate, therefore, you need to determine where they are coming from and how to gain their visibility. A website having low traffic volume can have higher conversion rate and a website with higher traffic volume can have a low conversion rate. Designers that use SEO and Pay per Click advertising can use these tactics to increase the website traffic. Remember if you’re getting high volume traffic it doesn’t mean you’re getting high conversion rate.

  • Usability elements

It’s important to know how easy your website is able to navigate. These factors determine the success of your website. There are numerous factors that can contribute to the website and they are:

  • Website design layout
  • Navigation system
  • Content
  • Links
  • Images, graphics, and videos
  • Accessibility

You need to ensure to implement all the usability elements to the website that can enhance your website conversion rate. You can test your website continuously to identify any bugs and flaws and correct it.

  • Use of pop-ups

Webmasters have been using pop-ups for a very long time to build their email list. This technique can bring benefits and harm due to the use and overuse which is resulting in creating a negative experience for the users. And so, you need to consider to remove all the annoying pop-ups, ads, or graphic that will distract the user experience. The last thing you would want is to annoy your visitors and leave them frustrated.

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Final thoughts

Understand what can help boost your conversion rate and lead them to customers without wasting any effort. Try measuring your website success with different metrics to fulfill your web design goals.

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