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WooCommerce vs Shopify : WooCommerce over Shopify?

WooCommerce vs Shopify: I used Shopify for more than a year. And then I switched to woo-commerce based on ‘WordPress’, the largest e-commerce platform online with 1,979,177 live websites using WooCommerce. And some of them are even big brands. On the other hand, only 279,713 live websites are using Shopify platform. Shopify and WooCommerce sites look all the same (also works the same) but it’s more costly to set up in case of Shopify. You’ll know more about Shopify’s limitations here in this post.

WooCommerce vs Shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify

From my experience here Reasons why WooCommerce is the best for eCommerce business and online stores :

  1.  Free e-commerce software: It is open source!
  2.  Lots of free and paid plugins: WP Paid plugins are less expensive that Shopify apps and do the same work and better. I find free plugins doing the same work as a paid one on Shopify + all paid plugins on woo commerce accept one-time payment so you get the app for a lifetime with a fair price without paying extra fees every month ) – you can find many plugins for the same function and compare them and use the best. With Shopify, you are stuck with only one or two apps to use.
  3. Used by top brands: Best Buy – Xerox – Bata – Ford – Mom & Pop Corn – ChargeCase – FacePiq – Pete & Pedro – Blue Star Coffe and much more, of the top 50 store online 42 of them uses woo commerce. And no one of them uses ShopifyHere’s an example of a store made with woocommerce. + woocommerce is a plugin based on WordPress platform host 40% of online sites including the famous one like The Wall Street Journal – Forbes – TED – LinkedIn – NFL – PlayStation – Mashable – General Motors – CNN – Tech Crunch(Number one tech blog) – IBM – Samsung Smart camera – Mercedes Benz… and much more. woocommerce-chart
  4. Ease of Use : Shopify promoted as an easy of use platform ready to use with $29 + you pay every month for the setup, but for my experience Trust me woocommerce is easy to use (Attached a picture of the dashboard ) + you find million of videos on youtube show you step by step how to use. I use both Shopify and woo commerce dashboard and both are easy to use, but woocommerce is free 🙂 I don’t understand why people don’t go with a free platform. It’s too easy to use and on watching a 5min youtube video on it will show you how to use and save money for ads. But instead, newbies go for a basic store look like other stores and pay a monthly fee because someone told them it’s easy to use. They end up not even trying woocommerce.
  5. No limited designs: Tons of themes- less expensive and look more professional and flexible and Customizable. Shopify has only 9 free themes if you want to start, you find your self with a store look like 80% of other Shopify stores and don’t make your brand any special.
    Woocommerce has hundreds and thousands of free themes and all look great. You find paid themes on various theme market over 500 themes all look really professional and every theme comes with extra plugins included and adds more function and drag and drop option makes customizing your site like an easy fun game.
  6. Categorize products: Give them individual characteristics and labeling price. Selling downloadable, virtual, physical or even affiliate products. you are open to all options. With Shopify, I find myself stuck with a design which I can’t change and adapt my needs to the design.
  7. Hosting and SSL: To use WordPress you need and external hosting: This is what I used:
    With Shopify the store is hosted by Shopify and you pay $29+ for hosting and SLL to secure your store but to run another store you can’t, with the basic plan, you can’t get : Gift cards – Professional reports – Abandoned cart recovery – Third-party calculated shipping rates, you need to go with $79 plan just to get something you get for free with woocommerce.

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Okay, let’s have a cost comparison :

WooCommerce vs Shopify Price Comparison

Shopify: $29 monthly with one store and limited option mentioned above.

  • 29×12 = $348/year without counting extra fees and apps fees
  • 79×12 = $948/year without counting extra fees and apps fees

External hosting :

Even the most expensive hosting company charge less than $348/year.
I got a Hosting with :

  • Free domain name
  • Free backup
  • SSD Fast server
  • Run multiple stores.
  • Professional emails address
  • Fast support
  • SSL included

All for $108/year, I use a coupon and get 50% off the first year and pay only $54.
I use MDD Hosting, you can use any hosting company you want. But I recommend non-EIG hosting (EIG is a company own 80+ hosting company, they are ok but they have bad support )

I recommend these non-EIG brands :
A2 Hosting – One.com – InMotion Hosting – Pressidium
SiteGround – MDD hosting.

woocommerce vs shopify



You’re building a house and you have to choose between two construction crews. One lets you design the plans however you want, but the other comes with a rigid architect who tells you what you can and can’t do.

Shopify only offers three default product attributes: size, color, and material. With WooCommerce, you can choose from virtually any product variations, allowing a level of specialization that’s unobtainable with Shopify.

Hands down, WordPress is the best platform for blogging, which gives it a significant advantage for SEO. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Shopify sites to host their blogs externally on WordPress. Using a WooCommerce site on WordPress means consolidating these two crucial segments of the same brand.

a blog inside your store has a huge impact on your business.
why is a blog important?

the power of blogging

A blog creates a personality behind your e-commerce store and helps you go viral and make engagement with your audience, build trust, people are more ready to buy from someone who takes care and share useful info with them. the blog post can be post connect with interested people.

Better to start with and grow with, you don’t need to jump to more expensive plan to get more options, you get all option from start for free and you highly customizable.


Why Shopify over WooComerce these days?


Wait wait wait, but why Shopify is becoming so popular these days?
First, Shopify’s main audience is people with no idea on how to build an eCom store and want to run eCom business, is promoted as easy to use all in one place platform.

Here’s some piece of advice I’d to share with you.

New ecom gurus: I came across many ecom gurus who popped out of nowhere and speak to people with there easy to start formula (for lazy people).

Don’t fall for Fake reviews: The internet is loaded with a bunch of site and affiliate marketers that give fake reviews with affiliate links after it.or get paid to give fake reviews, all they care about is making money.

ECommerce Gurus and Facebook groups: The majority of Facebook groups are used by ecom gurus to collect interested people to sell them ecom courses even if they share free courses.

It’s a strategy!

One can go and watch some techniques on YouTube and go build a group and claim fake sales with fake HTML modified screenshots! The majority of them don’t show the live preview of sales and they just tell people to buy their courses to get the secret tools they use and BOOM!

If they sell a course for just $500 only and they have a group of 5K highly interested users then from them if only just 2k of them buy the course, those so-called ‘gurus’ will be making $1M. just by building a website and collecting some free youtube videos and turn them into courses. I don’t claim that every group owner builds a group to start selling courses, but the majority of them do that.

Yeah. It’s that SIMPLE for them. Just by building a website and collecting some free youtube videos and turning them into courses. I don’t claim that every group owner builds a group to start selling courses, but the majority of them do that.

What Gurus have to do with Shopify?

90% of people came across Shopify because the guru tells them to start with. Do you know WHY?

Here’s it.

1 Affiliate program: What people don’t know is, a lot of money can be made just by making other people signup from their affiliate link. People make good money just by posting fake video/post review/comparing Shopify with other platform and tell you how good Shopify is and provide you at the end with a link when you can get a long trial period, this link is an affiliate link, they make money percentage out of your subscription with Shopify.

Here the AFFILIATE PROGRAM message from Shopify :

” Make up to $1,500 per customer by joining the free Shopify Affiliate Program.
When you sign up for the Shopify Affiliate Program we’ll give you a special link to Shopify that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You’ll earn income for every customer that signs up for Shopify through your link.
Per-sale commissions mean that you earn 200% of a customer’s subscription fee each time you refer someone to Shopify. You can make up to $1,500 per sale! ” 

2 Influence by their profits: People who hear that ecom store makes huge profits but don’t know how to start a business and don’t want to invest time and learn shifts to Shopify.

Here, Shopify finds the opportunity and fills the gap.

According to them, Shopify is easy to use platform. Just pay a monthly plan and start making money. Also, they say, you do not need to know how to code or make a store. They are gonna share free themes and make the store ready to use.

People love it and because other services are not promoted as like Shopify. People start using it.

shopify profits
So, here comes ecom gurus to take advantage of the new fresh audience. They know that the newbies are already willing to pay for an easy option and don’t have so much resource out there. New Shopify gurus can target everyone with 0 knowledge on ecom and show them some successful story and fake others to make them buy courses and click on affiliate links.

Final Words: Shopify is a good platform. Well made. But for me and other people like me, I prefer investing 1day and follow a tutorial showing me everything about WooCommerce and get everything for less than $100/year and invest my money on ads and test stores and run multiple niche stores with professional themes and free plugins/apps rather than going with easy option and pay all my money without seeing any result.

So, did you like the WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison?

If you have any question regarding this feel free to ask! 🙂

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