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Buying A Home Business For Sale From ExchangeMarketplace? Check Out These Stores

Thinking of starting a home business? Whether you want to run a business full time or want a home business that requires less time to run to create a secondary income stream, you can find the options you want on Shopify Exchangemarketplace.

Three Home Business for Sale

These are three good home business for sale on the website Exchange Marketplace. Whether it is selling special apparels or gifts and novelties, you can find your own niche from one of these. Here is an overview of these three opportunities.



Kidnappy sells products in a category that will always have a high demand – kids apparel and accessories. The store has been running for more than a year and has generated good revenue with around 50% profits. This store runs on autopilot with a large selection of products in the kids apparel category. There is a big community of followers on social media.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 8,867 Revenue $5,047 Profit $3,000

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $79/month Domain – $1.17/month Shopify Paid Apps – $100/month Google Adwords – $1,500/month

Time to Spend: Around 7 hours per week

The current owner is selling the store because of other business commitments. The store generates traffic and sales mainly through Google Adwords, and Social Media. Social Media profiles have a good number of subscribers, most of them the target market – moms of young kids. The new owner can utilize existing and new marketing avenues, and also add more products to the store.

The buyer will get the Shopify Store, Domain Name, Social Media Accounts, Product Photos, and Logo and Branding Assets, along with an email list of 4,000 subscribers. Personal support and guidance from the seller for 30 days. For the new owner, advice from the seller is to focus on using Facebook Ads and Instagram influencers to increase the traffic, sales and revenue.

Culture Hauz

Culture Hauz

This is a shop selling pop-culture products. The store offers a selection of products related to all the iconic movies, TV Shows and Games like Star Wars, X-Men, Deadpool, Fight Club etc. This store doesn’t just sell products, it is built around providing a unique customer experience, which keeps customers coming back.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 801 Revenue $323 Profit $450

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $30/month Domain – $1.25/month

Time to Spend: Around 10 hours per week

Culture Hauz has a good selection of quality tested products from reliable suppliers. These product selections target more than 100 related niches. Social media accounts, Facebook Ads and SEO have been the main marketing resources used to generate traffic to this site. There is an established base of loyal customers.

The buyer gets the Website, Domain Name, Logo and Branding Assets, and Social Media Accounts. The seller will provide personal guidance after sale for around 3 weeks. The new owner can utilize the existing marketing resources, focus on building good content, add more products, implement good email marketing and so on. It will be helpful if the new owner shares a passion for the pop-culture niche. This category will never go out of favor, there is always a new trend to benefit from as new movies, games, and TV shows are released all through the year.

Shopify’s Exchangemarketplace is a great place for the novice or budding entrepreneur to find exciting opportunities to use as a launch pad for a commercial success story. These three home business for sale are Shopify based businesses that are worth a good look by anyone looking to purchase a home business.

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