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Best Way To Earn Money online (URL Shortening?) – 20$ daily.

Ever wanted to make some money online excluding the blogging job? If Yes then you are at the right place here.. 🙂 Well, the way of earning which I am gonna show you now is by URL Shortening. It is the best way to earn money online. You can make 20$ daily by this. But if you use your internet daily, only then making dollars will be simple for you. Plus, If you are lazy enough to do any hard work to earn money then this post is specially dedicated to you. 😀 And if you want to make money by blogging then head over here.

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Concept Of URL Shortening – the best way to earn money online.


URL Shortening is a way of earning money by shortening the URL’s. It is really the easiest method to earn where you do not require any technical skills. Anyone can earn from it. He just have to share the link to his friends or anyone. There you will see an Ad. for  ‘5 seconds’. Then you are redirected toward the original destination link. This is the main logic behind earning money. It is for this reason tagged as the best way to earn money online.

So, you will be getting the procedures on how to earn money online by URL Shortening.

How to earn money online by URL Shortening?


So, here I have listed the steps to make you clarify on how to earn money online by URL Shortening. Read on –

  • Firstly Register to a good URL shortening Service. I have written about 7 URL Shortening services below. (Refer to it.)
  • Secondly, Find a content online (an awesome article which you think your friend may like).
  • Thirdly, Copy the link of that article and paste it in the URL shortening text-box. They will give you a short link to you.
  • Lastly what you have to do is, share the link with your friends on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and other social networking sites.

The more visitors or traffic on that link, the more amount of money you are gonna earn. So, just try to make the visitors more so that you can earn a lot of money!


The Best URL Shorteners which you can Trust!


  • Adf.ly (Adfly is one of the old and best trusted company. You can get approx  $5 per 1000 views by promoting your shorten URL)
  • Bc.vc  (It will pay you up to $5 per 1000 visits and you can also get 20% commission from your referrals. )
  • Shorte.st (It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$.)
  • Blv.me (They don’t offer fixed rate like other URL shorteners. But earnings may vary from $0 – $10.)
  • ouo.io (Ouo.io offer upto $5 per 1000 views and they guaranties for minimum $1.50 for 1000 views.)
  • Linkbucks.com (By promoting your Shorten URL you can get 0.5$ to 3$. The minimum payout is 10$.)
  • URLCash.Net (It allows you to create script which will convert website url into money urls.)

Your the one which suits on you the best and proceed on to the journey of making some quick money….:D

Do You Think Its A fake one?


There are some who may think that money cannot be earned by URL Shortening. But those are wrong. For them I have a screenshot. The screenshot is of the money that I earned before via URL shortening.



Well, I have earned 118$ with the help of URL Shortening as you can see the screenshot above. And, I could do that then why can’t you? So, get started with URL shortening services and make some quick money online instead of simply passing your time online by doing facebbok, twitzter, whatsapp or whatever else..:D So enjoy with this best way to earn money and get rich.

If you face any query related to this service then your queries are most welcome to the comments section there below..

Happy Earning!! Cheers!! 😀

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