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Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Now-a-days earning money online is not a hard job. There are various ways to earn money online. Here I will write about the top 10 ways. Read the following ways to earn money online.

Ways to earn money online:

  1. Teaching and Training:
  2. Create Own Website:
  3. By Bing:
  4. Online Surveys:
  5. Freelancing:
  6. Selling on eBay:
  7. Matched Betting:
  8. Write a Kindle eBook:
  9. URL Shortening:
  10. . Ads Posting

Teaching and Training:

This is only for those, who are good at teaching and imparting knowledge to others. The trend of online teaching in Middle East and European countries is increasing day by day. So, what can you do is- record your lectures and sell them. You will be earning a good money if you are prefect at this field. Those universities requires the services of virtual teacher and are searching for it.

Create Own Website:

In this, I can guide you better. You can earn a very huge income by creating a blog and then monetizing it. Well, it is not so easy to do it practically. You need to learn a lot of things, namely – SEO, Monetizing ways, hostings, CMS etc. Well, if you want to create a website then I’ll say, create a .com domain. You can prefer free blogs also, but they are not so good as compared to the latter. The main concept of blogging and earning is – “the more traffic in your site, the more earnings you have!”

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By Bing:

Are you using bing? If yes then let me tell you, bing is providing its users credits. A question!- What credits? So, its through regular Bing searches and special promotions! Well, you can now subscribe for Bing Rewards.

But it has a problem. It’s that, this offer is valid to limited countries only. Search for Bing Rewards on Google and check either your country is listed for Bing Rewards or not. If yes, then ENJOY!!

Online Surveys:

I liked this ways to earn money online when I was new to the internet. I made pretty good amount of money through it and that too without working much!

So, if you are willing to do it then you need to fill an online survey and they will  pay you for this. Research companies are always hiring new staff to answer surveys and test new products. For a few minutes of form filling, you can earn a lot. Even some forms can result in $3/form.

There are a heap of survey websites avaialble in the web. You can try out this-


If you ask me about the most popular ways to earn money online then freelancing will be my reply. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. If you have some specific skills in you then you are most welcome to freelancing. You can work there from your home whether you are an engineer, architect, web designer, web developer, apps developer, graphic designer, SEO, accountant, article writer, speech writer, or translator. There are a heap of sites of freelancing online. Some of the one which I use most are –

By this you can sell your profession online by helping others.

Selling on eBay:

There is nothing much to write about this. As you all know you can sell your things in eBay and extract revenue from it. Either you are dealing in watches, garments, sports, antique items, hand crafts, or home appliance, you can sell it online and can make money.

Matched Betting:

It is a risk free, tax free and legal earning based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than a chance. It is a betting technique used by individuals to extract profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. I won’t sugggest the non-adults to try out this…

Write a Kindle eBook:

Do you have good writing skills?

If you have it in you then, you can write your own eBook and can publish it on Amazon Kindle store. Offer your eBook at the price for $1.49 to $6.99 and earn up to 70% of the sale. I recommend you to head over Amazon! Its the ultimate place for publishing and selling eBook.

URL Shortening:

Recently I wrote about this way. By using some good URL shortening services you can have a good income daily. You can earn upto 20$ daily by it. Don’t believe? Head over here and read the full post: How to earn 20$ in one day by URL shortening. Check how much I earned via URL Shortening. I gave a screenshot in that post.

Ads Posting:

Today the world of advertising and marketing has brought us a lots of opportunities to us. If you think you are a good marketer and can convince the people then you can do this job easily. And also you can go for affilitate programs. Eg: If you sign up with FLIPKART’s affilitate then you can make others sell the products of flipkart and get commisions. I will write about this way to earn soon here…

So, that’s all. These are the latest ways to earn money online.

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