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How To Create Wapka Phishing Page for Facebook?

Hello, recently I wrote about the secret behind hacking facebook accounts by softwares online in the hacking section. If you have read that post then you might now believe that facebook hacking by softwares online is not possible. It’s just fake. But now I am with a method to hack facebook accounts by the simple trick – phishing. Well, so to ask, what’s phishing now? And what’s the Wapka Phishing? No Idea on it? Head over below and know how to create wapka phishing page. It’s in a detailed manner.

What Is Wapka Phishing?

Wapka Phishing is same as just ‘phishing‘. If you don’t yet know what phishing exactly signifies then read this –

Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information by sending fake login pages. 

The phishing page made in wapka is known as wapka phisher. What’s Wapka now? – you may ask.. It’s a host exactly where you can create your own wapsite (not website). If you know programming in HTML then it would be easier for you to catch this. After creating an HTML/xHTML you can upload it on wapka and have your own website. The extension of your site will be xxxxxx.wapka.mobi (anything in place of xxxxxx). We will upload the phishing page’s HTML code in wapka. You’ll be taught to create wapka phishing page of facebook here.

So What exactly what are we gonna do is-

  • Develop a phishing page. (just copying from the source code of a website)
  • Editing it.
  • At last Uploading the file to wapka.

Didn’t get it? OK! This was just a brief intro to Wapka Phishing. You’ll know to create wapka phishing page in the below section.

Phishing Scripts or Codes

As I mentioned above, we have to develop a phishing script first (or just the HTML). Recently I collected some best phishing scripts and posted here. You may refer to that post by clicking here: Best Wapka Phishing Codes. Different phishing codes signify different phishing page look. I gave these phishing scripts in that post. You can chose any one of them.

  • Autoliker Phishing Code for Facebook 
  • Simple facebook login page code
  • Autoliker Facebook Phishing Code
  • Autoliker Phishing Code for Facebook level 2 
  • New Fb security Phishing code 


Image: PayPal Phisher

Eg: If you chose the Autoliker one then you can claim your friend to open that link and then log in to get likes on his/her DP, statuses etc.

This trick might not work properly now, since a lot has been changed in these years. If you are looking for the easiest way to hack an Android device completely, click on the button below. 

Hack Android Device

The Top Phishing Facts 

Want to know about the top cool phishing facts? Here are those..

  • Phishing can come in more than one form. Those are- by email, instant messages, pop-up, and telephone too!
  • A phishing page hacker needs YOUR HELP in order to succeed. 😀 Cool Eh?
  • Credit and debit card users are the best targets of hackers right now. They does it by phishing. They’re going for fast cash. lol
  • The most used way to hack accounts online is PHISHING.
  • Social media users usually trust their circles of online friends. What’s the result: more than 600.000 Facebook accounts are compromised every single day! You may not believe this but its true.

How Does Phishing Work?

Let us now move to the interesting part of this. How does phishing work now? (The Ones who knows about how do phishing works, kindly move below) An example:

Suppose you are ‘A’. And you have a friend called ‘B’. And you want to hack ‘B’s facebook account. So, what are you gonna do is, create a fake login page of facebook by the procedure below. And then giving the link of that page to ‘B’ and claiming him to open it and then log in to it. Once he log’s in to the page with his credentials (email, pass), it will be yours! 😀

Example of phishing of E-Bay by mail. You can create wapka phishing page for ebay also. 😀


In this IMAGE below you can see a fake login page. The URL of the page is not www.facebook.com, but is something else. So, your phishing page is gonna look like this. BUT, we will create wapka phishing page. The screenshot is of 000webhost phisher 😀


This is how you can hack facebook account using phishing.

How To Create Wapka Phishing Page

Here I will elaborately tell you how to create wapka phishing page in PC. Creating a phisher in mobile is time consuming. So, as a lazy geek myself, I will tell you, how to create phisher from PC.


1) Firstly go to wapka.mobi in your browser.

NOTE: In many Computers/Browsers, wapka.mobi doesn’t appears or comes. So I recommend you to go to ninjaproxy.in and then type wapka.mobi in that box. And in case of mobile you don’t need to follow this step.

create a wapka phishing page

And then click on “Now Go”

2. Create a Wapka Account

3. Create a New Site. Give it a good name so that your victim opens that link

4. I created a site with the name SilentPoints. So the name will be SilentPoints.wapka.mobi. Now this is gonna appear – “Succeed to create new site. Go to manage it.”

5. Click on manage it.

6. Now go to admin mode.


7.  After Clicking there go to EDIT SITE button in the bottom right side.

8. Now go to – WML/XHTML code. And this will be appearing on your screen-

the code to be pasted

9. Paste the source code of facebook there in the box.

Where to get the source code? Go here and copy it up: The Latest Facebook Phishing Script for wapka by SilentPoints. There are many scripts available in the WWW, but most of them are fake and not working. The one which I made is 100% working and tested by many..

10. Done! You’ve successfully made the phisher! Open SilentPoints.wapka.mobi and check my phisher.. 😀


11) Now send your phishing link to your friends and tell them to log in there. Once, he/she logs in with that link, his/her EMAIL/PASSWORD will be sent you your email id (the one which you used to create the wapka account).

Well, there is one more way to create a wapka phisher from mobile. I didn’t post it because it’s not working properly now.  I recommend you to try this only.. So go, create wapka phishing page and hack your victim.

Why I Wrote This Post?

One of the main reason for which forced me to write this post is by seeing some stupid comments. By stupid comments I mean this –


Well, I mentioned only one! In fact, there are many.. Some of them even claimed for 500 INR to just create a phisher. Which seems as a horseshit to me. 🙁

So, I tried to make the post much efficient and simple so that you can understand it properly.


NOTE: Send This Phishing Page To Your Victim Through WhatsApp or just manually. Don’t send it through Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg is spending billions of dollars to make facebook safe. It may be blocked if you send it via fb chat in just few minutes.

To Conclude:

This is for Educational purpose only. SilentPoints will not be responsible if you do any illegal act. To create wapka phishing page is not illegal (I guess) but the later consequences will be! 😀 

If caught, you’d be behind the bars.. Stay Safe!

That’s all on creating a wapka phisher. Comment below if you are facing any problem to create wapka phishing page.

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  1. Great post Kréettanam. Loved reading it. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing such interesting info’s with us. I just created a facebook phisher by reading it. Link: faceboooook4g.wapka.mobi

  2. Nice post Sir. I also created a phishing page in facebook but it’s blocked as i shared it in facebook. lol 😀

  3. have to appreciate your work bro.! you’re really great. I’ve been searching for this quite long. There are many sites which are having this info’s but those weren’t working or upto the help as those were just “CTRL + C & CTRL + B” cheats.
    Thanks again. At last created the phisher!! Ahh…

  4. Hi
    I have created a phishing page.I clicked admin mode and created a facebook login page…it got succeeded
    But after that whenever i click on admin moed…its not opening.
    Also i am not able to go into the admin mode whenever i create new site
    Help Me Out
    thank you

  5. “The server at dilwaleonclick.wapka.mobi can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.”

    This is what is displayed.

  6. Hey bro i created a page but didnt receiving the mails who are trying to login ..im not getting their password oage working fine

  7. how can acquire the logins of my victim?

  8. when i copy and paste it shows blank screen it does not show fb page

  9. what should i do when i copy and paste it shows blank screen it does not show fb page

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