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LJDroid – The Ultimate Android Monitoring App | Review


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Today, I’m back here after 3 weeks. In the last post I wrote about GTA Vice City Game APK review.  Here, this post will too contain a review of an Android Application. But this is will be something different; Something great indeed. The name of the application is “LJ-Droid”. But what’s in it? Since the power in the hand has grown so much, a control over that power is also needed. And the power is LJ-Droid!

Want to know more about the developer of the app? Here you go; Lakshya J Bora Interview. From here you’ll know about his life from the initial stages of starting hacking and android development. Browse this entire post to know about the App and it’s features. Before reading the post, check for the YES and NO part given below and then proceed.

Do You Know How To Use RATS/Or What Is A RAT?

YES – Then You’ll surely love reading this post.

NO – Get Some knowledge about RATS, outta from Wiki and come back

(Or if you want a brief intro to RAT’s then, read ’em below).

What A RAT Is?

“A remote administration tool (RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he has physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with criminal or malicious activity.” – WikiPedia

So, RAT stands for remote administration tool. It is basically the advanced of keyloggers. Keyloggers just steals the keystrokes of the victim and sends it to the mail or web account (in case the keylogger is premium). But on the other hand, RAT entirely hacks the device. Your smartphone is a connected digital extension of your life which can be used by attackers to secretly steal your sensitive data and spy on you. Taking from keystrokes to stealing internet history, RAT works like charm in this field.

What Is LJDroid?

The possibilities are endless the LJ-Droid suite! It is an android based app which is developed on a motive to monitor your/other’s smart phone activities from a web dashboard easily. The application is being developed by Lakshya Jyoti Bora, an ethical Hacker of Assam, India. One can easily figure out the logic behind the name of this Android App, after seeing the developers name. xD There is nothing that you can do with a PC that you can’t do using an Smartphone.

Most of you might be searching for Android RATS on the web and you end up with downloading the AndroRat application, as it is flooded on the web on the keywords: download android rat, free android rat etc. I too did the same. What I’d say is they’re all bullshits. My PC got drunked after I downloaded and installed that App. They are RATS in the form of malicious files and hell lot of viruses (which will definitely eat up your computer). Honestly speaking, AndroRAT never worked for me. It’s a better option to buy a premium RAT, rather than hunting for the best free RAT’s available online. BUT..

But, the LJ-Droid app isn’t like that. It genuinely spies android smartphone from a web dashboard easily. LJ-Droid gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices. It has got an “easy to use GUI” and all the features you need to monitor ’em. It has various plugins to monitor everything you could possibly imagine! The developer says that, he will be trying to amend the app by enabling the feature of spying/ hacking Facebook messages.

lj-droid screenshot

Image Caption: Receiving someones call log via web account

Features Of LJ-Droid

The application once installed into someone’s phone, can:

1 ) Read each and every call logs, SMS logs, Browser History, Contact list.

2) Can extract Device information like IMEI number and mobile operator.

3) It can even steal the phone number of the victim.

4) Can trace the exact GPS Location of the victim.

Parents can easily monitor their child’s activity and many more without his knowledge.

How Can I Get The App?

The developer says that the app will probably be launched at the later part of 2017. The application will be FREE to download, according to the developer. But some plugins might not be free. LJ-Droid will not be uploaded in play store after the release. If you want to own that app then do message the developer and request him to send the apk.

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