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What is a Zip Bomb? Hacking Tool or Compression Abuse?

Since the last week, I have been getting few emails to write a post on ZIP BOMB. So I decided to throw some light on the same. It’s a kinda interesting topic to talk on. After reading this post, you’ll know – what is a zip bomb and how to create a zip bomb!

Are you interested to know more?

Before starting the topic let me give you a brief introduction of what a zip bomb is.

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What is a Zip Bomb?

A zip bomb, also known as a decompression bomb. You’ll know why it is known so in the later part of this post. Some also tag it as the ‘Zip of Death’!

A zip bomb is usually a small file for ease of transport and to avoid suspicion. However, when the file is unpacked, its contents are more than the system can handle. The technique was used on dial-up bulletin board systems in the past – WikiPedia

How can a Zip Bomb affect your Antivirus? 

Zip Bomb is a malicious archive file designed to crash a system. It is also used to disable anti-virus software. You might think, how it does the work? Right?

Well, the file size after the compression becomes so BIG that it becomes impossible for the antivirus software to work or scan the file. Think logically, how long does it take to scan a 10GB file?

Around 20-30 mins. Right?

So, in the case of the Zip Bomb, it’ll be taking a lot more time! Again you might have a ‘WHY’ in you.

Well, it’s because generally, a Zip Bomb comes in a file size of 2-5MB (there are some which come on even KBs). And when you extract it, the extracted file can become 100GB+! There are also zip bombs which can make the extracted files up to 2-5TB.

Yes! It’s hard to believe it. But that’s possible.

This is how a zip bomb can be employed to disable an anti-virus program. It can crash the anti-virus very easily. It is technically impossible to scan a 2TB file unless and until it’s a super computer!

Structure of a ZIP Bomb

As I told earlier, the classic zip bomb is a tiny zip archive file. They are basically measured in kilobytes. But once unzipped your system would be more than 1TB. Also, there are cases when it goes up to petabytes (millions of gigabytes) or even exabytes (billions of gigabytes).

By the way, do you want to play with viruses with your friend’s computer? 😛

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How to Create A Zip Bomb?

I’ll not be writing on how to create a zip bomb here due to some issues. Here’s a video by which you can get a concrete idea on what a ZIP bomb is.


FINAL WORDS: This is just an informative post. I did not write on how to create a zip bomb because it might violate some of my policies of SilentPoints. Lastly, this was for educational purpose only. Do not try to harm others by this ZIP bomb trick.

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