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Artificial Intelligence and it’s Benefits To Society

Artificial Intelligence Benefits To Society – Whenever we think of artificial intelligence it reminds us of doomsday, the machines taking over humans and making us slaves to the “art” we created. Artificial is not harmful as we think it is unless we are there to control it.

If you have seen the Boston Dynamics’ robot dog opening a door it’s on its own with its mechanized limbs for a fellow mechanized dog it might have given you the hunch that the end is near and the machines are about to turn rogue. This soon came to a halt when Bill Gates commented that “AI can be our friend.

Gates in response to the statement said that AI will be a bliss in our lives which means society will be able to function more with less amount of resources. I agree with the statement put forward by Gates. I believe before AI comes to the general public it will be well tested and approved by certain agencies so that it does its function effectively.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits To Society

We might have read about the conflict of opinions between the two tech- giants, Zuckerberg and Musk. To be honest, Musk monopolized the limelight with apocalyptic stories to distract his biggest opponents. So, Musk believed that criticizing the development of AI by companies like Facebook could halt it. So, Zuckerberg claimed that in the next ten years AI will be capable of improving our lives by his algorithm-driven technology.

The evolvement of Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa, etc shows the progress in our daily lives and how it makes our lives simpler. Of course, these mobile assistants are still not “smart” enough to understand our language at its full potential but I feel the will come. It’s just like Jarvis in the ironman suit guiding every step you do. This way you could get back the trust and surety of the work you do. Humans are imperfect and we tend to forget things or fail to master a subject with perfection. Afterall, we are just mere “humans”. With AI I believe a human could be invincible and can reach to an extent where the humans couldn’t.

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A human flaw is usually not tolerated in a work environment or in any scenario. AI can easily help us with that. in fact, in this 21st century, it actually does! We set reminders or alarm clocks by quickly launching the phone assistant we have on our phone. This not only ensures effective tasking but is time-consuming. Ultimately, time is all it matters in our lives.

We can anticipate and predict the fact that after 20 years or so every human will be having a personal digital assistant who will help us guide to follow a routine to keep us keep safe and healthy, prepare us for meetings, give us a heads-up before delivering a speech in a local community or be it any form of social gathering. It is going to help us tremendously . and is going to be an integral part of our lives just like the mobile phones have become.

The development of AI will obviously boost the job market, create new openings and perspective for people. If this happens then naturally there will be a rapid development in the society and changes will be evident and distinct in the economy of the country. An AI revolution maybe?

It is important to “democratize the AI” so that it becomes for versatile in nature and becomes easier to interact with but the security should not be compromised.

The most distinctive mark of the evolution of AI is the creation of Sophia, the humanoid. The humanoid got its fame after it was able to show up to 50 different human expressions and actually converse with people. By watching and interpreting the interviews of Sophia it seems clear that the game of AI in Sophia is quite strong. Her parent AI developer was Google’s Alphabet and Sophia is able to use the artificial intelligence, read the human expressions and then interpret the message and then talk back. Pretty smart huh?

Here’s what André LeBlanc has to says about Artificial Intelligence Benefits To Society

If you have invited Google Home or Amazon Echo then you are familiar with the dependency with these simple yet complex machines. A year ago, Google Assistant clashed with Amazon Alexa, and Apple declared the development of a contending model called HomePod in June. Every one of these items has expanded customer recognition with conversational interfaces controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Perceiving a client’s identity by means of cutting-edge voice recognition, joined with user preferences, has improved advertising strategies and revealed yet another application for AI.

Sending information through neural systems with profound learning procedures is really very tedious and convoluted. Google’s answer was to plan an AI framework that could do this without anyone else’s help. In May 2017, the organization made AutoML. AutoML thus manufactured a little daughter AI called NASNet to perceive objects in a live video. The results were quite impressive and came with an accuracy of 82.76. At the end of the day, AutoML is preferable to making AI over the humans. Consolidate this with AI’s capacity to show itself, and the peculiarity could be nearer than we might suspect. In the meantime, AI-made AI ties into the topic of making the innovation all the more broadly accessible, as users could utilize AutoML to assemble AI for particular errands without needing a foundation in coding. Isn’t that impressive? This itself is capable of questioning human intelligence!

Given the advantages of AI, the tech’s expansion is obvious. AI’s handiness for business has been reflected in the sheer number of organizations that presently utilize it in some frame. It’s not hard to envision that one day, organizations might not be able to ideally function without it. Regardless, there is an unease at the possibility of the peculiarity – the point in time at which Artificial Intelligence surpasses human knowledge. Since AI can make AI, the production of a code of morals for AI’s proceeded with advancement is quite vital. If AI is to reach and support humans then it is important that every human has the basic knowledge of engineering and liberal arts. This way language, art, ethics, science, economics can be cultivated out better from an AI. Trust me, the world is definitely going to be a better world to live in!

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