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How to Check PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth Online

PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth: This simple yet effective guide shows you how exactly you can check PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth online. So, you might have applied for a new PAN card. The entire process is a bit complicated. It’s sometimes difficult to know if the PAN card is authorized or verified. As a consequence, people have to visit the nearby banks where they have to ask the employees if the card status is complete or not. That’s a very painstaking process since you have to wait in long lines and also, it’s a matter of time!

In response to that here’s an article which on reading, you’ll be able to Check PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth without going to your respected banks. You can access or see that online and it’d lessen up the time, making it more effective than ever! Precisely, there are two authorities which issue PAN cards – NSDL and UTITSL. And luckily you can track your PAN card status online through their respective websites online.

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The entire process of checking down the PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth Online is simple and straightforward. You need to have the application number to begin with and complete the entire task as well. The application number will be mailed to you after you complete the PAN card registration process.

How to Check PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth Online

PAN Card, as we all know, it’s a Permanent Account Number. It is a 10-character alphanumeric character uniquely assigned to the PAN Cardholder. It is through the PAN card through which the PAN Cardholder’s income tax is identified.

(A) How to Search/Verify PAN number using PAN number:

Okay, so if you want to verify or search PAN number using your PAN card number then you can follow the steps given below. These steps will take you to the walkthrough of the entire process. This process to check PAN Card Status is through incometaxindiaefilling portal. Let’s begin…

  1. Firstly you need to move to their verification page. The link to IncomeTaxIndiaeFilling portal is appended to the button here – Check your Status
  2. Secondly, on the official website of IncomeTaxIndiaeFilling, you need to enter the 10 digits alphanumeric PAN number.
  3. You need to enter a mobile number as well. You’ll be receiving an OTP on the number after the first step.
  4. After submitting the form and verifying the phone number as well, you will get the PAN details on your computer or mobile screen. That’s all you need to do to see if your application is verified or not.

You can also use NSDL Website to carry with the task. Here’s the URL to NSDL website

Visit NSDL Website


(B) How to Search/Verify PAN number using PAN number:

1) Visit the UTITSL PAN card application status page.

2) Enter the application coupon number in the first box. You’ll be sent the application coupon number on your email by UTITSL after you are done with the application.

3) Or if you do not have your application coupon number, you can enter your PAN number in the second box.

4) After you are done with entering the application coupon number/PAN card number, enter the captcha code.

5) Click on submit and then you’ll see the PAN card application status on your screen.


Want some more details regarding PAN card application status?

PAN Card Status UTI helps you in answering you a lot of questions about PAN card application status. Visit if you want to get answers to some confusing PAN card status questions. It walks you through the entire procedure of checking the application status as well.   

Applicants can call on the following numbers for UTIITSL assistance in case of any questions/queries relating to PAN card status:

Mumbai(022) 67931300, 67931301, 67931304, 67931303, 67931302
New Delhi(011) 23211262, 23211387, 23211285, 23211273, 23211274
Kolkata(033) 22424774, 22108959
Chennai(044) 22500183, 22500426

That pretty much it. If you have any queries regarding checking of PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth or by PAN card, you can either comment down below or call the above numbers.

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