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Digital Parenting & Social Media monitoring Tips

Digital parenting and social media monitoring are very important in the modern technological world, no time ever before. Parents have to look after the activities of kids and teens to set digital parenting to avoid any kind of harmful effects on their lives and on another hand, they also should know that what measures they should take to monitor social media applications and websites.

Digital parenting & Social Media monitoring tips for Parents

Let’s discuss initially what actually is digital parenting & social media monitoring.

Digital Parenting

Defining Digital Parenting

Digital parenting means to set rules and regulations on young children that are using digital media applications, devices and other digital tools in their daily life. On other hand parents are the ones who will decide and play a key role in shaping how their children should use digital tools: Parents are the only mediator for digital or online use of children.

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Tips to set the digital parenting on children

The rising craze of purchasing smartphone devices and the use of digital media such as websites, instant messaging applications and sending and receiving text messages, videos, photos and plenty of activities such as making friends online and then stalking, are may be dangerous for children from different aspects. Let’s take a look, how should parents set parenting on children in the contemporary world effectively.

Discuss with Your children

Don’t shy or hesitate to discuss the matter of digital world with your young kids and teens. Discuss with them all the bad and good things, the online world and the digital devices have! Guide them what is good and what is bad for their health, mind and for their future. Be friendly, with your kids and teens!

Become Tech-savvy parents

It is very important for parents to become a tech-savvy because being a proper knowledge of modern tech-tools and apps enable parents to guide kids and teens effectively. Otherwise, parents will not have a clue what actually children are doing on their electronic devices.

Apply parental control

Use parenting software on kids and teens devices. It enables parents to keep an eye on all the activities they do on tech gadgets and apps they are using for texting, conversations, sharing videos and photos and searching for the good and for bad content.

Make some ground rules and implement strictly

Make some ground rules and set a time limit for children, that how much they can use online world, what sort of channels, apps, videos and other content they can visit on their devices.

Make friends and followers, but don’t stalk

Guide your kids and teens use digital world on smartphones and just make friends and follow on different apps, but don’t bother to meet them in real life. Talk with friends online for the sake of information for a limited time of period rather than wasting time all day long.

Parents should be the role model

Mostly kids and teens follow their parents’ footsteps, if parents use the online tools in a positive way, then children will follow parents. So, parents need to be good role model for children.

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Defining Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring means to keep an eye on the activities performed by the users on digital media channels such as instant messengers and websites, news sites, video, photos sharing websites and plenty of other platforms.

Tips for Social Media Monitoring

Social media tracking becomes compulsory for parents to keep an eye on kids and teens. It is because, most of the young children have their smartphones no time ever before and they have access to all digital media platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Zalo, Viber and plenty of others alike. They can send text messages, make conversations, and send photos and videos with friends.

On another hand, they can be hunt cyber bullies, stalkers and child abusers on instant messaging apps. Parents need to take care of kids and teens because bullying has gone beyond the school gates and has made their steps into digital world especially on social messaging apps. Therefore, parents need to monitor the social media websites and apps no time ever before. Anyhow, following are some monitoring tips.

Parents can track the activities of kids and teens by using the cell phone tracking software. They can use it for the purpose of monitoring the smartphone devices and the activities performed by the children on their gadgets. Cell phone spy app allows parents to spy on messages, monitor calls, bug their phone, remotely control device, GPS location tracking, view multimedia files and last but not the least to view IM’s logs, conversations, sharing media files and VOIP calls.

There’s another great RAT which will be launched very soon. Know more about it here.

Digital Parenting

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In short, it is the best way for social media monitoring, it empowers you to view whom children are talking, texting, sharing photos and videos and what sort of content they are visiting through internet browsing.

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