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Latest Internet Facts and Statistics You Must Know!

Latest Internet Facts and Statistics: The internet is something we are all now accustomed to using. Without access to the internet, the world can seem like a really small place. The internet is now an integral component of people’s lives, whether we spend our time looking up information or chatting with people via social networks, using the internet is more important to us now more than ever.

The internet serves a number of functions, whether it’s in the area of security or providing a convenience for us to keep in contact with loved ones, even when they’re thousands of miles away. The amount of information on the internet is almost limitless meaning; there is always something for you to learn, while on it.

In this article I have put together 10 facts about the internet that you probably don’t already know:

Latest Internet Facts and Statistics

1. The internet is home to more than 47 billion websites, with the first website going online over 28 years ago. Of all the sites that are visited online, most statistics show that adult sites enjoy the most visitors. Simply, if they were to all close down today, the internet would lose a significant amount of its traffic.

2. It can be rather difficult, using the internet to find that perfect partner. Online dating sites generate in excess of 1 billion dollars per year. If you’re someone who’s looking for love on the internet, you may or may not be able to find it, but one thing is for sure, that someone will profit immensely from it.

3. In the year 2017 alone, over 269 billion emails will be sent and received, which will amount to around 121 work emails each day. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these emails, around 85% will be spam. This is where your spam filter will come in handy, to pinpoint those spam emails and put them where they will do the least damage.

4. Some facts about YouTube, if you were to spend some time calculating the amount of time on each YouTube video uploaded each minute, you would be shocked by the number you got. Current statistics put it at 20 hours of video playback per minute. This means it is absolutely impossible for you to watch every single video on YouTube in one lifetime.

5. Facebook has in excess of 1.8 billion users, which if Facebook were a nation, would make it the most populated in the world. Around 80 percent of users online have an account with Facebook; with the second service Instagram coming in at a distant second, at 32 percent. When you look up the amount of time spent on Facebook, including all its services and partner apps, it works out at around 50 minutes per day.

6. Ever thought about climbing Mt. Everest? If so, then you should definitely bring your laptop with you. One of the most surprising facts is that you can get 3G connectivity right at the peak of the mountain. So the next time you think of climbing this mountain, take your mobile devices with you.

7. Over 90 billion apps were downloaded across both Android and iOS mobile devices last year. However, Facebook and Google apps accounted for around 90% of all the apps that were used each day, with Snap chat coming in 9th position. I doubt many people use it for its phone functionality.

8. This falls under one of the most famous Internet Facts and Statistics. In the past 174 years, over 3.5 trillion photos have been taken. However, it is estimated that in the year 2017, over 1.2 trillion photos will be taken alone. As long as people remain obsessed with taking selfies, we can expect this number to grow.

9. While humans are responsible for all the traffic jams that occur on the roads in our cities, internet users only account for 49% of the traffic on the internet. So the next time it takes an age for you to get onto the internet, other people on your network may not be solely to blame for your troubles.

Latest Internet Facts and Statistics

10. You should always be careful when online. Cybercrime has become increasingly more popular over the years and is set to increase in the years to come. The internet is home to your security and money, which is why it’s important that you stay secure by using strong passwords. Denial of Service attacks is one of the most popular forms of cyber terrorism today that is capable of shutting down hundreds of websites within a short period of time, and in some cases, stealing confidential data from them.

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Let me know if you need any kind of information on my end.

So these were some of the Internet Facts and Statistics you must know.

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