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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web: Which one to choose?

Nowadays most of the people like using mobile devices like Smartphone and Tablets for accessing information in comparison to desktops and laptops. According to a survey by Google, the number of searches done using mobile devices is far greater than desktops. The main reason behind this is convenience. People can more conveniently access any website or services using just their mobile phones.

Different companies provide their services in the form of both Mobile websites and mobile app. So the big question here is which one is better- a website on an app. Let’s have a look at both of them in details along with the features they provide.

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Difference between Mobile websites and Mobile apps

As you all know both the mobile website and applications are accessed using a mobile device such as a tablet or Smartphone. Websites are simple HTML pages linked together which can be easily accessed through a browser. On the other hand, a mobile app is an application specially made for a particular purpose. It can be downloaded and installed on mobile from an app store. Mobiles app also access the data from the internet but it provides a personalized experience to the user.

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Mobile App

As described above a mobile app is an application specially developed to serve a particular purpose. It is written in the operating system’s language and is only supported by that particular operating system. It provides a number of features to the user.

Here are some main features a mobile app offers

  • Personalized Experience

An app provides a personalized user experience based on their interest, behavior, and location. A user is asked to set up his preferences at the time of installing, and then it provides a customized user interface to best suit his needs. An app also provides custom recommendations to the user. Mobile websites generally lack this feature.

  • Leverage the device capabilities

A mobile app enhances the user’s experience as the app is able to interface with the device hardware and other features like GPS, camera, calls, emails, messages, device vibration, alerts and much more. Having access to these features of the devices can be very beneficial and plays a great role in enhancing the overall user experience.

Mobile websites on the other side are very limited. It can access some of the basic features only like GPS, camera etc.

  • Offline access to basic features

You can have access to some of the basic features even if you don’t have the internet connection. Therefore the advantage of having a mobile app is that user can have access to information, read articles and browse through the product catalog anytime and anywhere.

  • Better performance

The mobile application which is well designed performs a lot better than websites. The user can have faster access to the features and services in comparison to a website. There is absolutely no need to wait for websites to load. It also keeps the user well engaged and informed by sending push notifications at regular intervals.

  • Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a browser-based way of accessing a service. It is made to be responsive on a small screen. It is made to work seamlessly on both desktops and devices like tablet and mobile with a touchscreen interface. A website is better in some aspects in comparison to mobile apps. It is compatible with different devices, maintaining a website is really easy and inexpensive.

Features of a mobile website are

  • Compatibility

A single website can be accessed by different devices at the same time. It works on different operating systems without having the need of designing separate application for the different type of devices. A user who owns the different type of devices appreciates this feature of mobile websites.

  • Broader Reach

A website targets a very large number of the audience than a mobile website because it is compatible with different kinds of devices and operating system.

  • Inexpensive than apps

Mobile websites are cost effective. It is also low maintenance. Developing apps for the different type of platforms can be quite costly. Website contents can be changed just by editing them. Updating and changing the content of an app is quite difficult and costly because you need to release an updated version of the app to do so.


In spite of these features of a mobile website, there are certain limitations. It can’t leverage all the features of mobiles devices as efficiently as an app does. Camera, calls, emails, GPs etc. are not well supported by even most responsive websites. Mobiles websites are also not as fast as mobile apps. Push notifications and other features are also absent making it less efficient than apps. Therefore an iOS app development for your business is a smart way and is far more than just websites. It results in an increased popularity and customer trust.

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