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What Social Media Metrics Do You Need To Track? – Things You Need To Know

Today, your online business is faced with competition from all corners. You need to remain relevant and visible to your brand to achieve its bottom-line. As such, there is a need to exploit the social media monitoring tools available. Every business relies on data to chart out a successful operation and find the right strategies. Monitoring social media metrics comes with immense benefits, especially if you are using these platforms to expand and enhance your visibility.

If you are in the group that depends on social media for marketing purposes, you need to take great care to mark the volume of shares, comments, and mentions around your brand. The shared tweets, comments on your Facebook page and the feedback from your profiles will help you angle the brand to the right direction. You only need to know how to make use of the metrics you get from sources such as sharedcount. However, not all strategies work the same for every business, it’s important that you search for and leverage what works best for your business.

Tracking metrics tell you what to do, what to tweak what to drop and how to measure the ROI. If you aren’t, you are operating blindly and relying on guesswork. When you incorporate metric tracking, you assume full control of your venture’s future.

Top Social Media Metrics to Monitor

Social media metrics can be interesting and you may not have the use for everything you track. You need to have an idea why you need these metrics. You need to assess whether you want to drive traffic, get more mentions or increase your followers and influencers. Ultimately, you need to know whether you want the metrics to assist in your lead and sales generation efforts.

Metrics to Track Social Media Followers

The number of followers you have isn’t just another number. Many marketers will treat this with contempt. However, you need to have more than just a group of followers. The more engaged they are, the better your prospects. If you are looking for ways to grow your reach, the followers will pay a huge role. If you are cross-marketing on social media, its one way of getting more organic following and who knows, your lead generation will pay off in the end.

Follower Growth

If you are counting your followers, it’s easy to discern whether there is growth in numbers. It’s through this counting that you get to know whether you are popular trending or whether your readership is dwindling. If your follower numbers are part of the metrics you need to monitor, you should know whether there is any tangible growth. In the long run, you will notice profiles whose reach is fast expanding and channel more efforts and resources to such profiles. If you have put in a lot towards some platforms and there’s no tangible growth, you can re-strategize or try out new ones instead of slaving on the stagnant platform.

Social Media Mentions

Social media mentions help you measure brand awareness and find the groups that are talking about you. When you track motions, you will decipher how your users are engaged with your content and you will discover the best times and days to post/share on social media. The sentiments expressed by users/followers will tell you whether they like or test your brand offering. Remember, it’s not healthy to stick exclusively with your brand mentions. Find out what the competition is doing and compare your performance against theirs. With such metrics, you can devise ways of breathing your rivals and capturing a bigger share of the market cake.

Brand Sentiment

Brand sentiment analysis helps you to find out more regarding the reputation of your products and services online. The tweets, Facebook posts and forum activity can let you in on the real picture. If you find that many people are unhappy about a certain aspect/quality of your brand, you can take quick measures to turn it around.

Remember, you cannot afford to ignore the negative sentiments. Again, if all you see are neutral comments, you need to start looking for ways to jumpstart your brand from average to market best. Eventually, you need to track your positive influencers. You need to incentivize them into talking more and creating a better buzz around you. This is a perfect way to increase visibility and achieve excellent ROI.

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