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How to Start A Successful Vlog in 2018?

We’re living the boom of Digital Marketing. Each day, a new trend arrives in the mainstream and takes the competition on the winds. Everyone on the web, with an aim to mint as much money as possible, is using various methods to strike gold online. And, of all the methods known to bloggers, vlogging is the most catapulting one. It involves making short and interesting videos, which help express an idea better and also turn up a great revenue. The scenario is such, that if a blogger has made it big here, he’s in no need to be elsewhere.

Start A Successful Vlog in 2018

So today, we’ve decided to give you a lowdown on the best tips & techniques to start successful vlogging in 2018. Check them out.

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1. Look for a Crackling Idea

There are so many vloggers doing outstanding in various niches that the competition is more neck-deep than you can imagine. To stand out of the crowd, you need to think of a great idea and conceptualize it in a way that you strike the chord with the audience in as less time as possible. Also, the idea shouldn’t be restricted in scope, instead very versatile to take up. You should be able to find a lot of topics to maintain the consistency of your vlogging activities.

2. Source Content

Next, look for a source to get content. Initially, source content for the first 10 vlogs before you plan on anything big further. Discuss your requirements with the writer and keep guiding him on the kind of content you’re looking for. Be as available to him as possible. Once you get the content for 10 vlogs, you’re sorted for the upcoming weeks. As you start giving shape to those 10 vlogs, ask your writer to think of more interesting ideas all this while, so that you can never run out of content to post.

3. Buy Essential Equipment

Quality is the reason you should always invest in right equipment. Remember that a high-end camera and a robust tripod would only ensure an unmatched quality for your vlogs, which will win back a lot of user recognition to you. Further, in return, you’ll be making a fat sum monthly. Having said that, we don’t ask you to splurge money on any product with a heavy price tag. Choose wisely, as there are a lot of products to scam you.

One way to make intelligent buying decisions is to check vlogging camera reviews online and the order rates of the products. This can certainly help you select the right vlogging camera for your task.

4. Talk to your Audience

It all comes down to how effectively you are able to interact and connect with your audience. And this happens when you engage them. Give them information in a simple yet interesting way, ask them exciting questions, give them rewards, do surveys, involve them in your social media by asking them to like & comment, and much more. Not only does it fetches you more customers, but also turn them into brand advocates, by which you make more customers. It’s a kind of a PR cycle.

Remember that they can find the same information from various other sources. They are with you because they have a special affinity with you.

5. Build a Community

Making your vlogs live on YouTube isn’t the whole exercise, but a part of it. You need to build a community around your brand, which is very important for sustenance in the electric atmosphere of digital marketing. Post your blogs regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Snapchat to gain traction for your brand and keep the consistency intact. Do 2-3 posts in a week and keep targeting your audience on various social media platforms. This is a highly result-oriented exercise in terms of brand awareness.

If you want to make your vlog a trending one, you can also plan on some weekly rewards or hampers for those who share, like and comment on the vlog the maximum. Remember, it’s all about how happy your customers are at the end of the day.

6. Track your Rivals & Learn

It’s important to keep your enemies the closest, remember. Track how your competitors are vlogging, what new ideas they are vlogging on, and how much you can learn from their style of blogging. It’s very important to take inspiration from the right people because, without it, you can never ace the game. There are several vlog channels, like Casper Lee, Cherry Wallis and Anna May Fox, from where you can learn and take inspiration from.

FINAL WORDS: Well, that’s all for this guide to vlogging in 2018. If you’re a professional blogger and has something to add to this, you’re welcome. For more such stories and updates, keep looking this space.

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