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Why To Use VPN for Private Web Browsing?

Why to use VPN: Are you a regular user of TOR browser or someone trying hard to seek other ways to make your online presence Anonymous?

Do you want an ultra-secure connection for your Banking Transactions, Chats, Emails, Search Requests or may be even Downloads?

Well, in that case, a VPN is precisely what you need.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secured connection over the internet that hides you from spying eyes or Surveillance.

Why To Use VPN?

Why To Use VPN

Think this way-

“A regular letter that contains your private information, if sent, could be read by anyone in its route before reaching up to its destination. VPN puts this letter into an envelope called Tunnel and seals it with a tamper proof flap called Encryption”.

This way your information gets an anonymity and security both. Have a look at some of the below Reasons to use a VPN.

Here are Some Other Critical Reasons to Use a VPN for Private Web Browsing

Using VPN for Private Web Browsing


Access the Geo-Locked/Geo-

Restricted Content from Anywhere VPN enables you to watch region or country specific content even when you are not from that country, or are away from your country on tour somewhere.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, some sports games and video-feeds can restrict your regular access due to copyright agreements. It can be a disappointment if you hail from a country other than the USA or a country where these services have no broadcasting contract. VPN manipulates your IP address to the one appearing to be within that country giving you the access to the plethora of streaming services and content to enjoy watching.

Bypass Every Blockage and Surveillance –

We all are subject to ‘Accepted Use’ policy in our schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and hostels. ThisWhy To Use VPN restricts your use from the sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and others.
Some nations even impose it on their entire countries to avoid its citizens from watching and reading. What they feel inappropriate or against their propaganda. China is its biggest epitome. A VPN tunnels-out your way through all censorships to access the content on the web. Especially when countries block access to torrent websites then definitely you need to search for some VPNs for torrenting, which allow the access to torrents.

It also makes it impossible for the government agencies or institutions to supervise your activity over the internet thus giving you a full browsing freedom.

Encrypt Your Internet Telephoning (VoIP)

Services like Skype, Lync, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Imo use Voice-over Internet Protocol for online voice chats. It is quite easy for someone into hacking to eavesdrop. VPN encrypts your VoIP protocol and secures the entire communication including your chats, emails and messaging.

Don’t Let Your Private Information Logged

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others record your search queries, visits, voice searches to improve their ads targeting and user experience. This seems to be a good feature sometimes but not always. You obviously wouldn’t want to see ads targeted to your search queries like divorce lawyer, flirt tips, relationship advice. This can also prove to be a public embarrassment in future in case of some tech-savvy taps into this data.

It is better not to keep any evidence by using an anonymizing VPN service than to regret and be upset tomorrow.

Use Public Wi-Fi hotspots like a boss

Public Wi-Fi is nominal in providing you with any security or encryption. This is one of the primary reasons why to use VPN. Even a beginner can hack into your system with some YouTube hacking videos. This can be profoundly devastating if it leads to leaking your data or images or banking credentials. With a VPN you are no longer prone to data-theft, email and chat hacking, vulnerable financial
transactions, and countless other factors. It makes for an essential element of an online presence of someone who travels a lot. It maybe a journalist or a celebrity or someone into confidential matters.


Final Words: So, these are some of the reasons why to use VPN for private browsing. With numerous players in the VPN field, you can now easily get a top-notch VPN service at $15/month. This price is quite nominal when it comes to keeping your online presence anonymous and secured. Hope you like this reasons to use a VPN. 🙂

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