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Interview with the founder of eAskMe, Gaurav Kumar

When I talk about blogging, the internet is full of hobby and professional bloggers. More and more bloggers are launching their blogs every day but over 90% bloggers struggle and end up closing their blogs. Patience, learning from blog experts and consistency is the key which makes rest 10% blogs successful. Today I am going to introduce you to a real pro blogger who has created a profitable blog not just to make money but also helping others to make money online effectively.

Today I am going to introduce you to a successful blogger Gaurav Kumar, the founder of eAskme.

Gaurav is a motivational speaker, professional blogger, and affiliate marketer. His blog eAskme talks about various topics related to start-up business, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO and latest technologies. He is also the found of WikiAskMe and co-founder of neoblogging.

Gaurav has worked with various popular brands such as Micromax, Acer, Acethinker, Getresponse etc which help him to make more money and drive more sales.

Ok, Let`s jump into the deep details and know about him in this interview of Gaurav Kumar.

Interview with Gaurav Kumar: Founder of eAskme

1) Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi Kreettanam, I like to thank you for inviting me to your blog today. I am Gaurav Kumar, professional blogger, affiliate marketer and motivational speaker. I am the founder of How to and marketing blog eAskme. It`s been more than two years since I am blogging. I feel like blogging is in my blood. Before Blogging, I worked many years in different MNC and learned how to handle customers. After that, I moved to blogging.

I have created various blogs and some I even have sold to others. I have launched eAskme in 2014, to make every single person understand how he can start his own online business and make money.

Tip for All: making money blogging is not an overnight miracle. It takes patience and time. A blogger should be passionate about his blogging and consistent to make his blog successful. This is what Gaurav Kumar did to become super successful in blogging.

2) What inspired you to become a blogger?

I wanted to do something more with my life and my habit of learning from the internet has inspired me to learn Blogging, make money online and SEO. I researched a lot about SEO and how to make money online with blogging. I found many blogs and followed those blogs.

3) What are your favorite blogs?

I like to share about the blogs which helped me to learn many things about blogging and social media updates. I always recommend every newbie blogger to follow pro bloggers in order to learn blogging and content marketing.

  • JohnChow.com
  • Moz.com
  • Quicksprout.com
  • searchenginejournal.com
  • seoroundtable.com
  • Zacjohnson.com

4) What skills are required that helps a blogger to live a smart lifestyle?

The lifestyle of a successful blogger is itself the smart lifestyle. If a blogger wants to live a boss-free life like a blogger than he should have complete focus on blog niche. Find a real monetizable niche and start your blog around it.

There is one big mistake that most of the newbie bloggers make that they depend upon only one source of income such as Adsense only. There is no doubt that Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks, but it is better if you try to monetize every single option which is related to your blog niche.

5) How you make money blogging? What are the major sources?

I make money from various sources but the biggest source of my income is affiliate marketing. I must say here that I make 10times more money than a person who is working in an MNC. I work hard and make money smartly.

6) Which is the best way to make money online?

Bloggers can make money in various ways, but the best way is affiliate marketing. I like to share the best affiliate network list here:

  • CJ.com
  • Clickbank.com
  • Clicksure.com
  • impactradius.com
  • Jvzoo.com
  • Shareasale.com

Bloggers can also make money by selling ads, writing reviews, sponsored post, selling links, guest posting, online courses, consulting services etc.

7) What is the scope of blogging in India?

As a blogger, you already know that blogging in India is much different than blogging in other countries. In India, if you tell people that you make money blogging, 80% will not understand what you are saying in first go or make fun of you like you are joking with them.

Problem is people are not aware of the power of internet and blogging. Still, there are Indian bloggers who are really successful. There is a lot to do in blogging in India.

8) How can you convince parents to support children in blogging?

If you talk about my family, I must say I am a lucky person. Because before I ever realized that I can make money from internet, my family started telling me that people can make money from internet, though they didn`t know how people were doing that. My family always supported me to do what I want to with 100% faith.

Still, in India, everyone is not that lucky. Kids find it hard to convince their parents to let them do full time or even part-time blogging. Most parent`s point is that they do not feel like job security in online work.

But here I should tell you that it is your life and it is your time. If you do not make the decision on right time you will lose your chance forever. When you are successful, your parents also follow you on the same path.

Who wants to work under a yelling Boss and cage-like atmosphere?

9) What are your favorite ways to get maximum traffic?

When a blogger needs traffic, social media is the biggest platform. Only he needs to understand how to use it wisely.

1) Share posts on all popular social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, Tumblr etc.

2) Also share in blogging communities like scoop.it, buzsugar etc.

3) Blogger outreach is also helpful as it gets you more views and gets your content shared more.

10) Recommend the most effective blogging tools.

There are many tools available online. But here I am sharing what I found the best.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Facebook power editor
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Hootsuite
  5. SEMRush
  6. SEO power suite

11) What are the big blogging mistakes? How to avoid them?

Choosing a wrong or some poor hosting service is the mistake which most of the bloggers do. It is a common dilemma that cheap is good, but in reality, what is best, can never go cheap. If web hosting is not good, then a blog can be penalized by Google.

The second mistake what most of the bloggers make is ignoring SEO. Wrong niche, wrong keywords, and optimization mistakes give bad impact on blog ranking. So don`t do these mistakes.

The final takeaway from Gaurav Kumar`s interview:

Making money blogging is not an impossible thing if you know how to be brand and be successful. Always focus on your niche and target audience, create fresh and evergreen content, share wisely on social networks and analyze the performance of your blog.

I would like to thank Gaurav Kumar for giving his precious time for this interview session.

Do share what you like in this interview of Gaurav Kumar? Do you want to know more about him? Please share your thoughts via comments.

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    Thanks for sharing his interview.

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