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Interview With An Enterpreneur And Cyber Security Expert – Lakshya Jyoti Bora

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Today I had an interview with Lakshya Jyoti Bora, who is an Enterprenuer And Cyber Security expert. I thank him for answering my questions in a very short time. He is one of the great and popular Ethical hacker of Assam. He’s a Cyber Security analyst at Gratia Technology Pvt Ltd currently and is the co-founder and CTO. 😀

He has also completed a training on Certified Cyber Security Analyst from Lucideus Tech, New Delhi! And that’s one of Asia’s leading cyber security solution company and a trainee of Lucideus tech.

 So here goes the interview with Lakshya..

Q) When did the hacking journey of yours started?

When I was in 7th standard, I along with my friends used to hack into GPRS based games of mobile carriers like Airtel and Aircel and we got succeeded and since my childhood I wanted to become a successful computer engineer. So as time passed, my curiosity towards hacking started growing rapidly. After my HSLC in 2009, I got admitted to Assam Engineering Institute in the department of CSE and since then I started to learn the meaning of Hacking. I am very much inclined towards application development and like programming languages. I use to practice programming in my free time and from that time I have started to spent the whole night without sleeping up-to 6 AM morning. I missed lots of classes for that. I have joined different Ethical hacking workshops in institutes like IIT GHY, IIT Bomaby. Since hacking is basically a part of information or cyber security, I started building up my career in the field of information security that is in short countermeasures against hacking. This is how I started my journey in information security and want to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Q) How did you learn hacking techniques initially ?

Initially I started to learn hacking techniques from different online forums and Google searches since Google is a best friend for a self learner. I met lots of hackers online, lots of security testers and famous info-security entrepreneurs from India and abroad and started communicating with them. We started to share knowledge with each others and by doing so I keep myself updated with the latest technology. Then I gradually approached to TED based lecture series by famous hackers and Infosecurity experts through you tube. I started exploring different E-books and security journals online and learned manual injection techniques as well as automated. I am very much interested in web application security or web application hacking. I started following OWASP (open web application security project) for secure development of applications and learned lots of PHP based security codings.

One thing I always follow “The person who can hack, he can only secure it”. Why this thinking? That is because to find a bug in some application, you need lots of patients and need to know lots of knowledge about how to inject and what will be the injection point to attack and only a cyber expert can think this. Cyber/information security is basically a reverse engineering process and need very depth knowledge or system working architecture based knowledge. I did lots of practice in hacking and patching of applications day and night and still its a continuing process in my journey. We the infosecurity people need to update our self with the technology day by day.


Q) What led you to become an ethical hacker? Any specific story you encounter with?

Well, actually since after my HSLC, I started building up my career as an info security specialist and in my journey I am very much influenced by very renowned public figure personalities from India and abroad who are working on information security. My interest towards cyber security and White Hat hacking leading me to grow as a cyber security expert or an ethical hacker.

Always dreamed of doing something different through my little knowledge for the upliftment of the society and for that I accepted the journey as an entrepreneur with cyber security as my strength. A beautiful hacking story still in my heart and mind which inspired me a lot to grow more but unfortunately I can’t reveal that in public domain due to some circumstances. Hope I will reveal it soon.

Q) What are your future aims on hacking field?

As mentioned earlier I am working as an entrepreneur in the field of cyber security and so with some partners of IIT Guwahati we have set up a company to work in this domain in the development of cyber architecture basically in Assam and North-Eastern region. We are delivering training and workshop sessions in different engineering colleges all over the region and planning to go outside NE region. Taking hacking and security as our core phenomenon, we are planning to deal with corporate sectors in the upcoming days.Security in corporate architecture is very much necessary. As we all know India is going smart and digital and so we have lots of plan in this field which people will come to know in near future.

We are working on an android based smart application to monitor any authorized person’s online activity. For ex- parents can monitor their child’s online activity without his knowledge. It will be released soon.Since we are only dealing with engineering students, so soon we are planning to share some good knowledge with non technical people also.We are planning to approach them all across NE.

Q) Have your motivations for hacking ever changed over time?

As answered earlier, my motivation for hacking is what I am doing since 2009. My motivation and working idea is exactly going how I wanted it since then.

Q) As a CEH what are you doing for the upcoming students? And what’s your status on finding bugs and vulnerabilities?

I am constantly training some of my students who are working with me and gaining some positive results in this field. I have found lots of bugs in different websites of India and one of abroad. Some responded well and many Indian sites did not. As of now bug bounty hunting is not my interest so i am very much incline in security codings.


Q) What is your main aspiration?

My main aspiration is my self motivation and the ability to work hard for success.


Q) Can you describe the impact and results of the ethical hacking activities you have conducted?

Yaa, I have trained more than 3000 students and professionals yet which have now a great impact in the information security field. They are also now having a good strength in this domain and they are also helping other non-technical people to being safe in the cyberspace. Today tech people are developing websites and application without the knowledge of security for which the are making our cyber space more vulnerable and open for black hat hackers. Our training programme helping those to produce a secure application which making a safety measure for all the end users.


Q) What do you say about the future of websites like Facebook, Google, amazon etc?

Facebook and Google today are giants of the globe in the domain of internet and networking. Today Facebook and Google is working on a very much interesting subject that is Artificial Intelligence who can help in the real time based protection in cyber security and in all other domains.

Today these companies making the space more secure and facilitating its end users a hassle free life in the internet. Facebook is implementing Virtual reality which will completely add a more feature in the upcoming days.


 Q) What’s your opinion about SilentPoints?

SilentPoints is a very good and knowledge hub blog for the people inclined towards the world of internet.It includes many categories which will obviously create a good revolution in our NE region since we don’t have much tech-savvy bloggers from our region. I wish a very good luck to the owner of the blog Kreetanam Kaushik who is doing a very good job at a very young age.

Hope you liked reading the interview. I really appreciate him as spent some time in answering the questions I asked. Wishing him a bright future in the hacking field and in the upliftment of our country.

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