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Interview with Perambur Kumar – A Professional Blogger Making $$$$$$ Income

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Today I had an interview with the BlogstarPerambur Kumar. He is a professional blogger making six digit income every month through blogging. He is the CEO of 2CreateABlog. He writes about blogging and SEO kinds of stuff on his blog. 

Interview With Perambur Kumar


1) Hello Perambur Sir. You have been an outstanding blogger and a motivation to numerous other novice bloggers. It would be ideal if you enlighten us quickly regarding yourself. 

Basically, I am Post-Graduate in Commerce and I am coming from a Middle-class family in Chennai. I learned everything in computer on my own. I never went to any computer center to learn. I’ve read more than 3500 sites and still continuing. I am always hungry to learn new things in Blogging and SEO. My learning never stops and this is the reason why I am making a good income from blogging. In-fact this lines will be great inspiration for many because I am basically commerce post-graduate and learn this much and still continuing. I know most of my fellow bloggers and newbies have computer background one way or in other. So it is easy for them to learn these things much faster than me.

2) Please toss a few lines about the start of your online voyage.

It took almost 8 years for me to learn everything in blogging and SEO. But now newbies learn everything very fast and they also implementing those things what they have learned very fast in their websites.

Perambur Kumar

3) How many hours you spend online on internet marketing and blogging?

In the beginning more than 8 hours now I’ve appointed 5 people who can take care of everything. Now I am a free bird.

4) Can you tell us a portion of the difficulties you confronted amid the early periods of your profession?

One is WordPress and another one is SEO. In the beginning installation of WordPress and working with it was a Himalayan task to me and another thing SEO. Oh dear! Learning SEO and implementing those things always be uphill task. SEO is an ocean. I learned one drop of it. That drop itself is an ocean. Google never allows you to say I am an SEO Expert. Because every day they insert new things and always makes difficult for webmasters. They never allow webmasters  to settle at one point. So you have to update your knowledge with latest updates of Google algorithm, otherwise you’re out of the race.

5) What were some key mistakes that you initially made on blogging?

My biggest mistake it took almost 8 years for me to understand that having an Exact Match Domain always be helpful in search engine ranking especially on Google. Even though one Google saying we are not giving importance to exact match domain. But still yes they have a huge advantage when comparing to non-EMD domains. Another eMail marketing. Now I started to feel if I did eMail marketing in the beginning of my career it is ripe the fruit like anything. But I miss the bus. This is so sad. But anyway, now I am doing eMail marketing like anything. My first preference will always be email marketing and building more and more subscribers to my blogs.

6) Since the beginning, did you get any support from your family? Furthermore, what they say in regards to your business now?

My family always supportive one. My wife and my father always were supportive to me. They know what I am capable off. Because I teach everything to them what I have learned during these years. So they know what it will give to them.

7) Blogging is a gigantic industry. Every experts are bosses of something one of a kind. What are those uniqueness in you that helped your business to develop?

My uniqueness is I always have a product to sell. One is Real estate and another one Google AdSense and seo training. So for these two things people always approached me in the past and also in the present. So my business never ends. Those who want to make more money with affiliate marketing always approach me. So this is my strategy and it works very well. Another thing I know 25 new algorithms which others not even aware of it. Maybe these algorithms come to existence say in next 10 years or after 15 years. So my learning is too fast and also thinking beyond the wall.

8) How many blogs do you have and how much money do you make with them?

At present, I own 12 blogs. All blogs making money because every blog maintaining by my assistants and I doing SEO part only for those blogs.

9) Well, do you think you have accomplished your proficient objectives or you feel still a lot needs to be done?

Come to Goal. Still not achieved I can say that. Because I have learned a lot. But not earned that much as I expected. Frankly speaking now only I have time to implement those things which I have learned during these years. Hope it will give results soon.

10) What are the big shifts you have seen in SEO?

Mobile Friendly Sites. Ya Google gives a lot of importance to Mobile Friendly Sites. Say from 2008 to 2014 there is no such hype in these things. But now Google entirely shifted their strategy towards mobile friendly sites and still more and more importance for mobile friendly sites and in future everything related to mobile friendly sites.

11) Please tell us about the present statistics of your sites.

Some of my blogs especially real-estate blogs only receiving 1500 to 2000 visitors but all are targeted visitors and another thing there are a lot of competition in this niche and in the same forex also I am facing stiff competition.  But income wise these two blogs are making huge income month after month than other blogging blogs.

12) As a professional blogger yourself, what’s your say about the other pro’s?

I like three people. One is Brian Dean, the second one is Harleena Singh and the third is Shalu Sharma. I like Brian because he is masterclass in SEO and implementing new ideas to his site and make the visitors always guessing. Coming to Harleena and Shalu Sharma. They always tend to learn to new things and always try new things and succeed in that. Both of them really hard workers.

13) What’s your opinion about SilentPoints?

Ya it’s a wonderful site. Neatly designed. Well written articles. I love this site.


I express gratitude towards Perambur Sir for answering me the answers. What’s more, I wish him to be more fruitful in his online endeavors. In the event, that you have any inquiries for him then simply drop it in the remarks underneath. You can contact him on facebook for your blogging queries too. Don’t forget to LIKE his page> Perambur Kumar.

Thanks for reading. If you loved reading this then you can navigate to more interviews. I’m sure you’ll like them.

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