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Learn Coding and Programming Free online

Firstly, before you read this, I have a question for you (the non-coders). Do you want to become a coder? A serious one? Eh? So, here I am with some popular, yet efficient websites by which you can Learn Coding and Programming online. And that too in a very easy way. Well, here I am Gonna list some websites from where you can learn some programming stuffs! From the lists of websites there below, you are gonna learn HTML, CSS,  Ruby, Android Development, Java, Javascript, SQL, XHTML, Bootstrap, C, C++, Python and lots more. So scroll down and check out each of the sites and start how to code! 😀 I will be describing about the websites which i have experienced, as I mentioned in the first blog. So move forward and learn programming languages online from various websites I encountered with.

Learn Programming Languages Online

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Sites I experienced:

Before you start reading about the sites I want to tell you to learn programming basics of as many languages as you can.

W3Schools: From my opinion, I am gonna say, W3Schools is the best website to learn coding. I have learned HTML, CSS adn JavaScript from it. You do not need a teacher near you to make you understand. You can practise the coding job on the site itself!

Codecademy: Yes, this is also a nice website to learn programming! I have learned a little CSS from it. If you aren’t quite sure where to start on with programming then this site is gonna help you out.

Google Android Development: Android development? Yes, this is the place where you can learn to develop your own apps plus, teaches you how to submit it to play store! Learn it from the professional creators in an efficient way.

Google’s Python Class: This is a place for the ones, who wants to learn python programming. This is the easiest programming language according to the developers of it! I learned python from this website in just 6 days! 😀

Webmonkey: Its the last place, I messed up with programming. Here finally I learned HTML5 and Ajax. Learn Coding and Programming here along with some extra stuffs. There are other languages too in the site like HTML, CSS, JS etc!

Other Useful Websites For You-

Now I am gonna list some more websites which you may find useful to Learn Coding and Programming. Browse these out:

Hope this helps! You can comment me below if you have any problems in the languages which I have learnt. I will reply you asap. So why waiting? Go and learn Coding and Programming from the sites I mentioned!

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