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Happy Birthday SilentPoints – Journey So Far: 1 year old

Hello, readers!

This is my 104th post on SilentPoints. Through this post, I’d like to thank all my blog readers for their contributions to this Silent Warehouse. So, today SilentPoints had turned one year! 😀 And the journey so far was awesome. I’m also going to share some lessons I learned through blogging in this 12 months. I wrote about my starting of blogging in the first post of SilentPoints. I want you to read that post if you’re new here or navigate to the about page to know more.

thanks for your support

Well, this is my 3rd year (since 2013) in blogging and SEO industry and I’m 17. It all started when I was in ninth standard (No! SilentPoints was not born then). I had some basic knowledge on HTML and CSS at that time through which I created a small blog in wapka.mobi where I shared hacking pieces of stuff. That blog was severely penalized by Google after 7-8 months, most probably for two reasons –

1)    It contained hacking kinds of stuff.

2)    Most of the posts (the non-hacking ones) are copy pasted from other blogs (which violated Google copyright act).

Later I came to know about the existence of web 2.0s, which allows creating free blogs without any programming knowledge. So I shifted to the blogger platform and created a hell ‘lot’ of blogs. It was easy to build new sites there (no investment required after all) but who will update them with new fresh posts?

Copy-paste won’t work even! (I realized it later)

The later part of the journey is in the first post.

What Did I learn In These 12 Months?

A lot of blogging stuffs, I’d say!

Along with blogging I also learned some latest programming technologies like JAVA game development, working with Android Studio to make applications (APK’s) etc. I was inspired by the story of Clash of Clans (a multi-player strategy game). I want you too to read their post as well: How Clash Of Clans Started. It was the post which motivated me to start developing small Apps and 2D games.


A saying, I personally agree by now is: “The more you help others; the more you get benefitted” This might sound stupid to you in this post but its true (technically speaking). My Facebook friends (the ones who did friendship with me after getting benefitted from my posts) can tell about it better.

I try to give my best possible attempt to serve their queries.

From Whom Did I Learn Blogging?

I inherited most of the basic blogging knowledge from reputed blogging sites like ShoutMeLoud, NeilPatel, QuickSprout and even some more, here and there.

BUT, one of the most efficient ways, I realized to improve my blogging effectiveness and to rise to a new level is finding a successful blogger to guide me. Well, I got 3 of them in these 12 months. Read about them below;

Initially, some days before the birth of SilentPoints, I got a blogger in ShoutMeLoud forum (A forum for newbie bloggers made for asking questions related to SEO, Internet Marketing, blog monetization and more…). He posted his earnings in that forum (for motivating others). He was a 17-year-old guy then. His earnings left my mouth open for a minute.

It was $3000+!

($3000 = around 1,85,000 INR)

And that was the income of just 30 days!

Yes! I too had the same amazement feeling as yours, a year back.

Anyhow, who the person was, by the way?

He’s the founder of RechargeTricks.IN – a blog that promotes deals and coupons along with e-commerce discount offer guides. He’s Yashveer…. Yashveer Arya!

Dear readers, $3000 a month! And what more he needs? (and of course, the earnings increased by now. $3000 was his earnings a year back!) 😀

We often talked to each other on WhatsApp. He assisted me in setting up the blog and helped me in hosting related issues.                                                                            

yashveer earnings

I’ve been managing a ‘blogger copy’ where I use to write useful notes and blogging ideas since the 10th standard. And here’s a snap of his earnings, I penned. ^

After Yashveer Arya, in the later part of the journey, I got a well-established part time blogger, Mohit Arora who is an engineer working at Infosys. He owns CatchUpdates. I got him on ShoutMeLoud forum (really a forum full of helpful bloggers! Hat’s off to Harsh Agarwal for creating it).

Seriously! I didn’t knew these kinda people could exist. I remember, I messaged him on the forum asking him to review my blog (3-month-old blog). The response I got from him was incredible! He reviewed A-Z of my blog. Moreover, he suggested me some small changes on my blog. If I’d have given this work to any online SEO consultant service, then I’m sure they’d have banked me more than 50 DOLLARS! Guaranteed.

I got help related to on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, back links and some more basic concepts (ignore them if you are not a blogger 😀 ) from him.  And I’m still getting blogging help from him.

Recently I interviewed him on SilentPoints. Interested ones can read the interview by moving here: Interview with a passionate blogger, Mohit Arora.

My blog till the 7th month didn’t perform much well. The traffic which I expected by seeing the potentiality of the posts were not being seen.


On the 7th month I got the third person. 😀 Though he was a member of ShoutMeLoud forum, I talked to him on Facebook mostly. He’s a niche blogger and owns 50+ blogs. (yeah, fifty plus blogs). His name is Saksham Chauhan. Ever if I visit Ghaziabad, I’ll surely meet this awesome guy.

Yashveer’s earnings made your mouth open. Right? It’s the second time you’ll be opening your mouth after I announce Saksham’s age.

So, he’s just 15! – A kiddy. 😀

This should be an eye opener to the students who passes away their entire time in useless Facebook and other social media chats or pass their time in gossips on their mobile phones. (Hoping, the young students of today will get inspired by him.)

This guy is getting fetched a decent amount of $$$s through his niche sites. He taught me some kickass strategies to get high rankings on SERPS. After implementing those strategies, I started getting new visitors to my blog day-by-day. And the traffic started increasing since then. 😀

I appreciate those three GURUS for their contribution to SilentPoints. It’d have taken some more years for me to be in this position if I didn’t got ’em.

First 3 Months

It’s the time I was damn frustrated with this tech blogger portfolio. I hardly got any traffic/visitors from search engines. Most of my blog readers came from Facebook and other backlink referrals.  It was like; I’m a teacher delivering lectures and no students out there to listen.livilhood-through-blogging

It’s the prime reason we see newbie bloggers ending up blogging. I too would have left it if Yashveer had not assisted me at that time. Moreover, my blog’s hosting fee was paid for a year! So this made me proceed further, even with a little amount of traffic.

To the coming new bloggers, if you want to get success in blogging then the 1st thing you need to learn is PATIENCE. I started earning some bucks from the 8th month.


Some  Obstacles I Encountered


Well, I faced (in fact, facing) two principal obstacles on blogging in this twelve months; ‘studies and parents.’ I spent most of my time in class 11, blogging. I wrote most of the posts in SilentPoints in that year (2015). Currently, I’m at 12th standard, so I’m not able to take my blog to the next level. You might have seen; I’ve not updated my sites with fresh posts in a regular agenda.

UPDATE: I’ve passed out class 12 

On the other hand, I had a hard time convincing my parents. According to them, blogging is a useless work for me as a student of Humanities background. And yeah, I too agree with them. I blog on technology niche which has no link with a 17-year-old self-trained, humanities lad. But I’d say I blog because I’m passionate about it. I like browsing updates on technology, latest geek news, hacking news and other programming stuffs.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.


Can We Live A Livelihood Via Blogging?

‘Yes,’ without any second thought. One definitely can live an enjoyable livelihood via blogging. The word livelihood visualized me a story of a blogger from our city. Okay, let me tell you about that guy from whom I was inspired the most. We never talked and did not know each other personally. (I’ll not reveal his name, sorry)

Credit: www.instphil.org

He started blogging when he was 15 years old. Metaphorically I do not have any words to describe his family condition. It wasn’t good at all. His father worked as a salesperson and mother was a homemaker. Lucking, he had a PC which he was awarded for getting the 1st division in HSLC exam (class 10 exam in Assam) and a LAN network in the area he resided.

7 years later…

He’s 22 now… and probably he’s the richest guy in our city. I was stunned seeing his screenshots of earnings in a day. He makes $2500+ per day from blogging and internet marketing.

($1500 = 1,00,500 INR)

And in a month It’ll be = $1500 x 30

= $45000

= 30,15,000 INR (Taking $1 as 67 Rupees)

PS: I’m not good at maths, but you can trust this calculation. I used a calculator. Lol :p

No idea about his future plans but the thing I know is, now he’s building an empire. 🙂

That’s all about my first year of blogging. Hope you liked reading. Keep supporting, Thank You. 🙂


About Kreettanam Kaushik

Kreettanam is a passionate developer & blogger. His love for technology and the interweb is well known among his peers. He had built successful apps and websites in his career with basic knowledge on programming, web-development and cyber security. more>>


  1. Hey Jr, This is wonderful. I also get inspired by some of those you mentioned and others. You know I like it when I see you talk about possible earnings by blogging . I will keep on publishing on my blog.

  2. Wow! You’re going similar to me… I’m also a 12th standard guy who love and passionate about blogging.

  3. Well done friend. Proud of you. Keep going .

  4. M truly happy fr u …. i could see the face of the 10th stnd bloger repetedly asking ‘ oii bloging koribi nki’
    Nd now crawling the steps of sucess ‘first step’ right…… may God bless u always

  5. Cool man, keep up the good work, do whatever gives u happiness not money

  6. Thanks a lot for mention buddy. But wasn’t required :p . Am still in the process of learning. Things are changing everyday. A lot to be learned 🙂
    Congrats and good luck with your blog.
    Wish you a successful journey. 😉

  7. Awesome journey story sir! I seriously want to start blogging. Hoping to get some guidance from you.

  8. Wish you a very bright future in your life. Your blog is great and very helpful.

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  10. happy new year sir. I love this blog 💜

  11. Hi KK First of all very Happy Birthday to Silent Points. You have motivated me a lot! I’m highly inspired by you, so do keep posting ur new blogs and live happy.

  12. Hi Kreettanam,

    I just found this article and it was delighted to read your blogging journey. Seeing my name in your journey is quite motivating (though I do not deserve this mention).

    All the best for your upcoming projects. I am sure you will do good there also.

    Best Regards,

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