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A Person By Mistake Opens The Exit Door, Instead of Toilet door at 3000 feet above

Well, mistake is done us all. But here I am going to write about the one who did a mistake which was really a horrible one.
So, the story goes like this- A man in a plane, going from Edinburgh to Amsterdam wanted to go for toilet. Then you know what did he do? He stood up from his seat then instead of opening the toilet door, opened the emergency exit door. That too at 30,000 feet above the ground level. Just think of! How horrible it could be. The name of the person was James Gray.

So as a consequence, he has been arrested and fined €600 ($671). “The crew told me to stay in my seat and I was to be arrested when the plane landed,” Gray said. “I tried to explain it was a simple mistake. It was a misunderstanding. The police came and arrested me. They weren’t too friendly.”

Gray was forced to borrow money from a friend in order to pay for a flight back home with a different airline as he did not had the full penalty charge with him (€600). He only had an amount of €450 with him. So, there is no way out! He must have to borrow money for the rest of the stay over there! 😀



But later on when he was inspected after the payment of penalty, he was asked the reason of madness. I mean, why did he do that? And did he do that knowingly or unknowingly? So his reply was that, he had not opened a plane door on purpose and claims he only touched the handle. And on touching them, the passengers shouted and the incidence had occurred!

“I realise the danger of that sort of thing,” he said.

So what do you think? Did the person do the mistake unknowingy or any hidden mystery behind it? 😀


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