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How Technology is changing In the Door Lock system

We all want convenience. We all want security. As the security is a basic need stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, how you will feel if you can avail security with convenience. This is possible with technology. How technology helps security. How technology affects security. If someone wants to upgrade his home security with upgraded technology, he will go toward advance door lock system.

Smarts locks replaced over manual locks. These smart locks may be used as a supplement or they may completely replace your conventional door locks. By installing smart door locks in our homes, we will come to know how these smart door locks benefit us.


When someone lost his keys and there are no other the way to enter home except calling a lock expert, a great tension surrounds him. We can install a smart door lock system and overcome this tension of losing keys. As a smart door lock system allows us keyless entry into our home.

These smart locks also alert the owner when something going wrong. When someone enters your home, leaves your home or also if he attempts to fraudulently enter your home. The system will notify you on your smartphone device.

Technology is ever-changing a thing. These locks continually upgrading with updated technology. Now in the market, such door lock systems also available by which you can allow someone to enter into your home with your permission. You can allow your guests to enter the home if you are not at home. You will simply generate digital keys on your device and will send these digital keys to your trusted people. You can allow your maid to enter the home. These digital keys will expire when you want.

This also helps when you are away from your home. You can allow a delivery person to drop the package at your home. After that, you may lock the door again when the package is delivered. These smart locks are also compatible with other door devices such as smart doorbells and programmable lightening. Which allows the users to see who is on the door before unlocking it.

Some people do not have an interest in smart technology but want a simple, reliable and low-cost door lock system. These traditional electronic door lock systems also have some benefits such as they use rechargeable batteries, you will never face a deadlock when you come home. There are three ways of non-smart based door technology.

  1. Securitron power jump ICPT
  2. DKC two-door Controller
  3. Kwikset 264 TRL Traditional Electronic Deadbolt

Smart door lock systems work with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Locks with a feature of Bluetooth are more secure than Wi-Fi locks.  As when your locking system is connected to the internet, this is more vulnerable. Someone can hack your entire system. Bluetooth lock system works as when you are near to the door, Bluetooth will connect to the security system and you can lock or unlock your door.

Different home sensors security systems are available now for your home security system. These sensors feel your presence, identify you and then allow you to enter the home. These sensors may be installed on doors and also on windows. When an armed person attempts to enter your home, these sensors will send motion triggers to your device. Also, the system will generate alarms and sirens.

You need not hide your door key under the rock. Technology has been changed and upgraded with useful and beneficial features. Smart garage system also introduced. They work by plugging a network adapter into your home router and then registering the unit with a provider. Then you may control the system with your android system or iOS app. This system allows people to enter the garage, even when you are not at home.

Fingerprint scanners are also available now facilitating the users. This technology is newly generated for Door locks but it is spreading on the vast level and people are happy about this. This technology also has some drawback as if someone takes your fingerprints and by making a copy of these, he can access your space. But he must be experienced in this job.

First home lock system uses electromagnetic contacts for windows and home or office doors. These sensors then attached to a battery and bell. When there some intrusion happens, the bells ring and alarms the owner or security personnel. Nowadays, smart homes are upgraded with motion sensors. These sensors are connected to advance central units. By using smartphones, owners can arm or disarm these alarms via central units. Installing CCTV is another way to secure your home. This is how technology is changing in door locks and people are benefiting from them. Learn more about door lock system to make a good choice.

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