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Apple iPhone XS Mobile Review
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Apple iPhone XS Mobile Review

Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone XS supports an OLED display and improved dual-rear cameras. The latest iPhone is powered by a power-packed A12 Bionic chip paired with an 8-core neural engine, capable of effectively dealing with one and all AI and machine learning tasks.

Following the release of iPhone XS, there have been several discounts and rebate programs to go for, such as the sears promocode for iPhone XS. As iPhone XS flaunts an enormous price-tag, it is definitely worth to opt for some kind of discount programs.

As usual, iPhone XS comes with a number of new features and a premium price-tag. iOS 12 is there to provide interaction between the user and the device. However, the question is whether iPhone XS is worth the expense or not? Let’s proceed with it then!

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iPhone XS has a maximum battery capacity of 2658 mAh. This is slightly less than the iPhone X’s 2716 mAh.

At a time when the 3500 mAh and 4000 mAh battery capacities have become a standard for premium smartphones, iPhone XS’s maximum battery capacity obviously seems less.

Even though the iOS 12 comes with better battery optimization, 2658 mAh still seems to miss the mark. We are living in a time when premium smartphones are sure to get connected with other devices such as smartwatches and AI assistants. Hence, a hefty battery drain is inevitable.

A heavy-duty usage of the iPhone XS necessitates for adding another round of charge by the end of the day.

Build and Design

The notched display and vertically stacked dual-rear camera design in iPhone XS is the same as that in the iPhone X. So, not much can be differentiated between the two when placed side by side. However, this also means that XS is as stylish as the X.

Talking about the availability of colors, iPhone XS is available in three shades. These are gold, silver, and space grey.

iPhone XS in gold color stands apart from the rest of the 2 color options with an elegant dark gold, stainless steel frame on the side. It simply looks awesome. Moreover, the slight tinge of pink in the back complements the overall color of the device.

For the gold color, it all started with the iPhone 5s. The hue was so popular that most of the Android smartphones nowadays come in some shade of gold. Even several of the most inexpensive Android-powered phones have some sort of gold color option.

The glass back of the iPhone XS is susceptible to marks and smudges. Hence, it is mandatory to use a case in order to safeguard it. Unfortunately, this might lead to hiding some portion of the shade, which, is obviously not desirable.

Opting for a case that is similar in color to the iPhone XS you choose might be a possible solution.


Apple iPhone XS flaunts dual rear cameras. Each of them is 12 MP with an f/1.8 aperture on wide-angle and f/2.4 aperture on telephoto. For clicking selfies, a TrueDepth 7 MP front camera comes along.

The camera in iPhone XS is for sure an improvement over older iPhone devices, most notably the iPhone 8. The Smart HDR feature enhances the photos that you click and the low-light performance is also better than before. Portrait shots look great as well.

The camera performance is fast and photos are brighter with more details, even ones taken in somewhat inferior lighting to what can be considered normal for taking photos. Though the picture is brighter even in a low-light setting, there is still some loss of detail.

Therefore, there is still some room for improvement, especially in the Portrait mode. Premium devices are almost evenly matched in the camera section. Hence, it all boils down to personal preference than the quality at the offering.

Display and Screen

iPhone XS features a 5.8-inch OLED display, as was available in iPhone X, which seems just the right size for an iPhone. It offers a maximum resolution of 2436×1125 pixels at 458 PPI.

The display is as clear in the bright sunlight as it is when exposed to pitch-black darkness. Plus, the OLED screen has deepest blacks and excellent color reproduction to make any video watching experience superb.

There is another important design change in iPhone XS, which is related to the notch. In YouTube, for example, when pinched to zoom, the content gets wrapped around the notch.

Obviously, the notch is to ruin some experiences. However, if you are to upgrade to iPhone XS, you need to settle with it.

Features and Performance

In order to deliver a powerful performance, iPhone XS relies on an A12 Bionic chipset. It is the first 7nm CPU in the industry as well as the one to support a neural engine.

The newest iPhone offering is available in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB variants. Performance has always been a stronghold for iPhones and iPhone XS is no exception to that.

iPhone XS scores much higher than contemporary Android smartphones in terms of performance. Even frequent shuffling between apps is very smooth.

The latest entry into the iPhone lineup is able to handle everything ranging from gaming to endless scrolling on social media platforms. iPhone XS comes with a galore of security features, including facial recognition and fingerprint scanner.

In addition to the iPhone XS, Apple has launched Measure, the AR app. It works smoothly on the latest iPhone and is efficacious for detecting and measuring objects in close vicinity.

Face ID is a major feature of iPhone XS. It is a very fitting and stylish way of unlocking your device. Astonishingly, it works well in the dark too. The feature even works with glasses or makeup on.

For social media fanatics, iPhone XS comes with the Memoji feature, which translates your facial expressions into a unique emoji. Along with Animoji, Memoji relies on the Face ID functionality for imitating the expressions of the user in an accurate manner.

The sound quality of iPhone XS is also good. The stereo sound is clear, even while watching videos. Thus, it makes up for an excellent multimedia experience.


For anyone looking to upgrade from the older iPhone 6s, 7, or even 8, iPhone XS is a great option to go for. However, if the price-tag is an issue then you might consider going for iPhone XR. Going with it, you need to settle for a smaller screen resolution and single rear camera.

If the price-tag isn’t an issue, then iPhone XS is definitely worth going for. One of the best aspects of any iPhone device is the regular system updates. In the premium smartphone niche, iPhone XS is truly one great contender that is difficult to beat.

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